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Project Runway All Stars recap: Going for Baroque

Baroque style couture gowns in two days — what could go wrong?

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Pawel Kaminski

Project Runway All Stars

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Baroque and couture — words that evoke detailed intricate work that requires lots and lots of time. In Project Runway All Stars world, lots of time means two whole days.

We have our first two-day challenge of the season, but even with that extra day, many designers still struggled. And that struggle led to one contentious designer finally being ousted. But let’s start from the top …

The designers meet Alyssa — the Queen of Project Runway All Stars — at Medieval Times. Atop a horse, she explains how the designers will need to draw upon the Baroque movement to design couture gowns. As Sam explains, this means lots of lace, lots of detail, lots of everything. So naturally this leads to the designers having lots of ideas. There’s talk of fitted bodices, corsets, brocade prints, detailed trims, and lace, lace, lace.

After sketching (while watching the medieval show, which seems pretty distracting), the designers scout Mood for the best textiles. Sam struggles to find something to suit his original design, so he grabs an expensive lace and plans to come up with a new design later. But back in the workroom he’s a bit vision-less, and simply starts draping it on his dressform. And then — according to the way the workroom scenes were edited, at least — he starts getting picked on by about everyone in the room.

Apparently Kini is still upset about the team challenge and everyone is still mad that the judges saved him. Mitchell’s needling reminded me of a little brother who is intentionally trying to annoy you. Dom wasn’t anti-Sam, though, and she gives him advice on his design (he wanted to use muslin underneath and she suggested he layer the lace strategically instead). This only makes the other designers angrier. This whole ordeal made me really miss the Junior kids. They helped one another simply because they enjoyed being among peers. Take note, adults.

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Anyway, on the second day of the challenge, Zanna comes in for critiques. As Ken says, “She [rips] everybody a new asshole.” And as she says, couture is all about attention to detail, so she’s going to be “all up in [their] business.” The most common critique she gives is to avoid costuming, which a lot of people (Ken, Alexander, Kini) are leaning into too much.

Although Zanna’s critiques are harsh, they don’t require anyone to do major changes after. Same with model fittings. But, in general, the designers are struggling to finish on the second night. As they’re leaving the workroom that evening, even Kini isn’t finished. EVEN KINI!

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