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Project Runway All Stars recap: 'Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve'

It’s a battle of emotions this week as the designers must use their past, present, and future relationships as inspiration.

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Project Runway Recap
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Project Runway All Stars

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“You know who doesn’t love Nina? People who suck.”

Yes, I ended last week’s recap and am beginning this week’s with the same quote because it’s THAT good. Say what you will about Dmitry, but that man has a way with words.

And it’s true: Nina’s great. She swooped into this season of All Stars and elevated the judging like we knew she would. It was perfect timing, too, because this was a standout challenge—one worthy of a seasoned judge. We haven’t seen the emotional challenge in a while, but it was back tonight in a big way. And it’s all thanks to Zales, who sponsored this challenge with their Past, Present, and Future collection.

We all make jokes about the PR sponsorships, but when said sponsorships lead to a $10,000 challenge prize, plus a $15,000 pendant, plus $1,000 gift cards for everyone? Well, we can’t hate on that. If anything, it just raises the stakes for the designers, who really pulled it out for this challenge. But let’s start from the beginning…

After converging at the Hearst tower, the designers were given $100 to create a look that included elements of their past, present, and future relationships. The only catch: It had to be a party dress, so no black (most of the designers) or white (Kate). As Gunnar says, this challenge requires them to take a very sensitive part of their lives and put it out there for the judges and other designers—and subsequently the audience—to see.

So, no surprise, it’s a quiet workroom at first. People are reflecting on their relationships and how to past convey them in designs. Metaphors are flying around the room like you would not believe: “When you find true love, it’s like finding gold,” says Benjamin; Sonjia’s building a lace “cage” because she’s closed off now that she’s engaged; Kate is designing a baby-doll dress because she met her husband in preschool (don’t worry, they weren’t married until later); Dmitry is “as single as it gets” so … well, I don’t remember what that connection was to his red dress.

But then things start to get very real. Helen mentions how her ex-boyfriend didn’t even watch the show with her (jerk!), and she wants to show her confidence and self-worth through this challenge. Then it’s like the Project Runway editors try to one up the designers’ stories to get the audience into full-on waterworks. Gunnar, who is also newly single, starts tearing up at his table just thinking about how this challenge will give him closure. And then in comes Zanna. She tells them she knows Nina is a tough judge, so she wants them to do the best possible. She goes around the room with very pointed, helpful critiques, but things take a dive back to the serious when she gets to Justin.

He tells her how in the past he didn’t think he was capable of love (I’m choking back tears just writing this) because he didn’t want to be a burden. Okay, Justin is crying; Zanna is crying; we are all crying. But luckily this story has a happy ending: He met a guy who he’s been with for the past five years—a guy so great that he learned sign language just for Justin. (You just thought the tears were going to go away when the story turned happy.) So Justin has created his own textile using paint and his hand in the sign of “I love you.”

THIS is what has been missing from too many of the past seasons: true, raw emotion from the designers that comes through in the designs. Project Runway: Please take note that we want more challenges like this, less Red Robin bottomless fries.

NEXT: “I need to find a shoe.” “I need to find a clutch.” “I need to find a husband.”