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Project Runway All Stars recap: Fairy Lights

This week’s challenge was about as “high-tech” as a glow stick, but it sure brought out some electrifying looks

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Project Runway All Stars

Project Runway All Stars

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Is it just my fluctuating mood, or are the All-Stars awful one week, great the next? After last week’s debacle, I wasn’t looking forward to this week’s glow-in-the-dark theme. All season I’ve been railing against the gimmicky, non-fashion challenges, and I rolled my eyes when Angela gave her little speech about “innovation and technology” being as essential to a designer as fabric and thread. What’s so innovative about black lights and neon? But I was wrong. A couple of the designers came up with some of the most exciting looks of the season.

At first, most of the designers seemed totally out of their element. They trekked over to the Barbizon Lighting Workshop to buy their electronics. I was convinced Kenley would find little ping-pong ball-shaped bulbs so she could make the lighting equivalent of polka dots. Instead, she opted to use primarily criss-crossed neon tape on fabric to make her own “plaid.” That seemed like an equally bad idea at the time.

When she arrived in the workroom, Joanna was excited about “the most electrifying challenge of Project Runway.” Joanna made a funny — yay! She actually liked Kenley’s neon print but advised her to incorporate actual lights into her outfit.

Austin Scarlett was especially excited about the challenge and was determined to make his gown starry and dream-like. Joanna called his look “part alien, part Elizabethan,” not in a bad way, and wondered whether the design was too romantic for Pharell.

Joanna broke out into an honest-to-goodness smile when Michael showed her his hat, which had a hole in it for the model’s ponytail. (Mondo compared it to an Ewok’s hat, which was hilarious and spot-on). She warned Michael against letting the rippling of the tape show because she knew the judges would pounce on that. You know good advice when you hear it.

NEXT: Whoaaaa, Kenley’s hair!!! Oh, and one of the best runway shows in a while…