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Project Runway All Stars recap: Naked in the City

New challenge was fun and sexy, and the designers had a reasonable amount of time to finish their looks (thank God)

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I’ve been looking forward to this episode ever since I spoke to Georgina Chapman, who teased this week’s challenge for me by saying, “There were a lot of cute naked people walking the streets of New York.” Indeed there were. Angela met the designers on a beautiful day in Central Park, where she explained that they’d have $150 to convince New Yorkers off the street — their “muses” — to give them the clothes off their backs… isn’t that illegal? With whatever money they had remaining, they could buy fabric from Mood, although at least 50 percent of the final looks had to come from found materials.

More than anyone else, Anthony thought this challenge was made for him: “I’ve taken so many daggers in this competition for having a personality. … Me having a personality is me just being Anthony L. Williams!” Clearly that personality of his has helped him talk people out of their clothes in the past. His strategy seemed to be to grin, approach with a high-pitched “Hiiiiiiii!”, and compliments, compliments, compliments. He had no problem getting New Yorkers to give it up for free, including one already scantily clad hottie named Diego who gave up his jean shorts for a smile. Austin Scarlett may not have gotten Diego’s clothes, but he claimed to have gotten his number — let’s just pretend for a moment that’s true.

The others had more trouble with their search for scraps. Rami unsuccessfully tried to get a gay guy to part with his tank top (never get between a gay and his tank), Kenley looked absolutely pained by having to approach people, and Mike hated the challenge with every fiber of his being (his sadface is as dramatic as his joyface). Surprisingly, Austin Scarlett had no trouble — despite his creepy clothing and creepier stache, both of which suggested he had a van nearby — luring a girl out of her cute, punky outfit. Mondo preyed upon insecurity to get nerd-hipster Grace to give up her beautiful, colorful dress and army green coat (“Why are you so attached to the coat?”).

The scavenger hunt was fun to watch, but once the designers returned to the workroom after a desperate Mood run, some of them realized that their scraps wouldn’t add up to a great look. Anthony, who seemed to take enormous pride in taking clothes from people — at a certain point he was doing it for sport — realized quantity didn’t mean quality.

NEXT: We’re getting to the point in the season when the designers are starting to snipe at each other — get ready for more workroom drama! And the montage of Kenley as a nosy teacher was hilariously irritating.