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Project Runway All Stars recap: Looks You Can Lick

The designers only have six hours to whip up dresses that are good enough to eat

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Michael Costello
Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Project Runway All Stars

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When Angela announced that this week’s challenge would be inspired by a “seriously tasty dessert,” I was hoping for ornate cupcakes. Instead we got gelato. One by one, each designer had to choose a flavor, some of which were unusual, like Fruit of the Forest (as in the pie) and vanilla Madagascar. The designers had to create a “tasteful” look based on not only the color but the flavor of their gelati. It sounded like a somewhat generic but reasonable challenge, only there was a dreaded “All-Star twist”: They’d only have six hours to design, make, and fit the whole thing. Now that’s just crazy.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer once again, but I don’t understand the point of these extreme time constraints. Sure it’s great to test the designers’ abilities, but I’m not sure if the people behind this show remember that we fans actually like seeing stunning, completed looks — that’s always been the main joy of watching Runway. It seemed as though this challenge were meant to limit the All-Stars’ ambition for their designs, which never makes for a good runway show. Kenley said, “I’m not going to try anything new or take any major risks because I really just need to get something done.” Anthony said, “This has nothing to do with being a talented designer — this has to do with being a fast seamstress.” Maybe the producers were going for down-to-the-wire workroom drama, but that would occur even if the All-Stars had more a few days because they’d have tried for more elaborate, challenging designs.

But it’d be a bad idea to complain in front of Joanna the ice cream lady, who dropped by the frenzied workroom with cold desserts and equally cold doses of reality. To Austin Scarlett, who was dealing with a whole lot of white fabric and hot glue, she simply said, “Don’t channel the wedding thing, channel the fabulousness.” Perfect. She noted that this challenge was suited perfectly for Michael, since he’s used to working extremely fast, although she warned him about the pale color. That Joanna knows what she’s talking about.

NEXT: I loved Anthony’s pageant queen-like response to Joanna’s question.