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''Private Practice'' recap: Lost shoes, babies

Addison dates a seriously perverted guy, then, on a more serious note, tries to rescued two unwanted newborns; meanwhile, Sam and Naomi fight an outbreak

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Private Practice

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Kate Walsh, Paul Adelstein, Amy Brenneman, Taye Diggs, Chris Lowell, Audra McDonald
Drama, Doctor/Medical/Hospital

”Private Practice” recap: Lost shoes, babies

It’s the morning after. The morning after Pete and Addison didn’t sleep together, Violet and Cooper didn’t sleep together, and Sam and Naomi did — though no one knows that last part, except, by the end of the night, their priest and, presumably, Addison.

Last night was the night Private Practice found religion, Addison found her inner mommy, Cooper found Charlotte online, and some doctor found Addison’s shoe up a guy named Carl’s…well, let’s just say Carl isn’t so much into shoes as shoes are into him.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves (or should I say behind?). In dealing with last week‘s interoffice dalliances and attempted dalliances, the ladies of Oceanside Wellness joined forces (”Women! United! Will never be defeated!”) and complimented each other’s body parts. (”I like your breasts.” ”You have a good ass.”) Then they got some out-of-office coffee. Strangely, though, everyone glossed over the fact that Violet knew that Sam and Addison hadn’t slept together — wouldn’t someone have asked about that? (FYI, if you ever need to pick up some morning beverages for Naomi and Violet, their orders are as follows: Naomi takes a small nonfat chai latte; Violet takes a Frappuccino, extra whip.) And Dell watched it all unfold, becoming exasperated by the strange goings-on among his employers. Oh, Dell, so cute but sometimes so clueless.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Addison met Carl, a.k.a. the guy from Ed, thus embarking on a one-date affair with a man who calls himself Trunk and thereby setting Pete into a tailspin of longing for Addison, not to mention reproach for her dating someone who’s in therapy. Boy, are these guys really doctors in Los Angeles in 2007? Either they don’t get out much or they don’t have much respect for what Violet does, because therapy is the normal course of life in L.A., for people with all sorts of issues, from major to ”just need to talk and sort things out.” (These characters could definitely use therapy!) Then again, I wouldn’t have much respect for what Violet does either, since, once again, she demonstrated what a bad therapist she is, revealing personal information about her patient, Carl, to Pete.

If she’d like to confess her sins (though I suppose she’s Jewish), Violet should visit Sam and Naomi’s priest (played by the dad from My So-Called Life, Tom Irwin; oh, the memories), to whom Nay, as Addison calls her, blurted out that she and Sam had sex even though they’re divorced. Just before that, Sam and Naomi were all awkward (”Smiles, everybody, smiles!”) while discussing the previous night’s conference-room coitus. Then, amazingly, Nay decided that the outbreak of typhoid at the nunnery — this episode’s CSI-style mystery — had occurred because she and Sam had committed a mortal sin. Narcissistic much, Nay? No matter, because once again — second week in a row — we had a former Gilmore Girls actor on hand. This time: Lane! Let’s hear it for employing the Stars Hollows denizens! Who will it be next week? I’m holding out for Emily. Though I wouldn’t change the channel if Scott Cohen were to pop up, but I suppose he’s been busy with Gilmore creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s next show, The Return of Jezebel James.

NEXT: Saving a baby

While shamelessly showing off excessive cleavage in the workplace, Violet suggested that Coop log on to the Web and find a ”date,” and Addison joined Pete to save a baby who had just been born in a bunk bed. Addison then spent the night with ”Batgirl” in her arms. ”She should get to feel wanted,” Addison declared, ”at least for one night.” Is that self-pity I hear, Add?

The self-pity was getting around last night. Coop to Batgirl: ”When you grow up, if at all possible, be a lesbian. Guys are stupid.” It’s kind of a variation on what my dad used to advise me: ”Stay single and raise your kids that way.” Dad’s always been a charmer.

Speaking of getting around, Coop didn’t fare so poorly last night. He got it on with Charlotte. We always knew that sourpuss had it in her. Well, now she really had it in her.

And finally, after Addison and Pete ran around a park like an alternate-universe Scully and Mulder — only hunting another newborn baby rather than aliens — Addison tried to revive the baby, but failed. ”You shouldn’t be alone tonight,” Pete told her. ”I won’t be,” she replied. And she wasn’t. She turned to her friends Naomi and Sam (though she didn’t know she’d find them both — um, where is their child during all this?) for some celebrate-the-moments-of-your-life wine and a good, motherly hug from Naomi. Lovely.

So, TV Watchers, would you want the guy you went on one date with who stole your shoe and deposited it in his rectum to call you and end it personally, or would you want your friend/his therapist to do it for him? Or should it all just go unsaid? Should this Safe Surrender business be a regular part of PP, bringing the doctors out into the field every week? What’s up with Addison’s moments of total self-absorption? (”I don’t get stood up. I’m Addison, which means something!”) But the real question is…when you turn Private Practice on, does it return the favor? Happy Thanksgiving!