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Pretty Little Liars recap: Whirly Girl

The Liars return to Rosewood to find Jason, a new dog, and another dead body

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Pretty Little Liars

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And now we all know why nobody in Rosewood has a dog. Because, if you’re not paying attention, there’s a slight chance they’ll go into the backyard and dig up your dead mother. It’s harsh, but it’s true.

Overall, this week was about Ali’s return to Rosewood and the search to find her mother. And despite the fact that this episode didn’t contain any huge reveals or amazing Ezria moments, the pacing of the season so far is on track; we’re only two episodes in, but both have had some sort of payoff. If this were season 4, they probably wouldn’t have found Mrs. D’s body until the summer finale… if then. And living in an “A”-less world has added a layer of complexity that is good and bad. The new intricacies of the show are great, but we also just need some answers. Like Pepe, let’s dig in, shall we?

We pick up with the Liars returning home on a bus, where Ali quite literally has to fight the urge to run away again. But the Liars somehow convince her to head over to the police station and fess up to just about everything, including how Shana picked up where Mona had left off after going to Radley. Sadly, Ali has to be told why the police pit stop has to happen before heading home—as Hanna so nicely reminds her: “Your mother buried you.” To be a member of the DiLaurentis family…

After the girls do an odd Abbey Road homage, they sit down with Detective Holbrook and Ali immediately starts doing what she does best: lying. She tells Holbrook that she had been kidnapped and held hostage for years and that her friends had saved her by keeping her in a shed in the woods. Needless to say, everyone is confused. Good thing Mr. D (well, hello there) shows up to take Ali home before she can spew any more lies. The best part of this scene? Hanna’s “Was I sleeping on the bus? When did we discuss kidnapping?” Oh, Hanna. That stuff will never get old.

From the police station, the Liars each get reintroduced to the world of concerned parents and way too many questions. Veronica is on fire, asking about Ali and revealing that Melissa had returned from London with her “attitude” and her “secrets.” What else did she expect? Ashley, meanwhile, is busy explaining to Hanna how all cheese melts and trying to figure out Hanna feelings. Then there is Mike (Aria gets stuck with lil bro because her parents are… out?), who is a little disappointed by the fact that Ali hadn’t physically overpowered her attacker. You and us both, Mike.

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