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Pretty Little Liars recap: 'Fresh Meat'

A potential murder weapon is probably a trap, but the Liars should know this by now.

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Pretty Little Liars Recap
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Pretty Little Liars

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If you’ve been stalked by a murderous psychopath for the better part of your high school career, there are a few things that you should know well: A) Whoever is behind all of this is way smarter than you. B) Under no circumstances should you split up. C) Never say/write/text anything that you don’t want broadcasted to the world. Unfortunately, it seems that our Liars have forgotten each of these adages in “Fresh Meat.” They may be (nearly) ready for college, but they do not get passing grades when it comes to life lessons with “A.”

The first of these unfortunate life lessons should have been a giant, waving red banner in this episode. While searching Mona’s backyard with a few of his police friends, Toby discovered a bloody knife poking through the leaves. He hesitated for a moment, then covered the weapon again and reported back to his girlfriend and Caleb, who is conveniently hanging out in his new BFF Spencer’s kitchen. As Spencer dives headfirst in a plot to tamper with potential murder evidence, Toby seems rightfully hesitant. Maybe his police training has given him some sort of moral high ground to “do the right thing,” and he isn’t too keen on Spencer and Caleb’s plan to move the weapon. But, of course, their prints could be all over the weapon if “A” had anything to do with Mona’s death. The trio eventually decides to let the knife stay for now, but, Officer Cavanaugh earnestly reminds his companions, “No one can know we had this conversation.” Yeah, sure.

Okay, Spencer is maybe the closest thing in Rosewood to Einstein. She has nearly single handedly pieced together the bulk of this mystery while acting as president of half of the school’s clubs. She quotes Shakespeare in times of crisis. All that to say, she is unnaturally smart. The only person smarter than Spencer is, perhaps, “A” him and/or herself.

So, if “A” had something to do with Mona’s death, the knife, or both—which our trio seems to believe—then why on earth would they be careless enough to leave the murder weapon under a pile of leaves? Think about it, Spencer—”A” is a tech genius, conniving criminal, and general expert at everything from stunt driving to sewing. Do you think “A” would leave a bloody knife at the scene of the crime? Not unless it was a trap. A trap that Spencer and Caleb would go behind Toby’s back and walk right into.

This may be the death of Spoby and the birth of Spaleb. Spencer and Caleb have been scheming together pretty frequently these days, and without the help of either of their significant others. But, as with all new duos, there are some kinks to work out, which brings us to our second PLL life lesson: Never. Split. Up.

Spaleb set off to destroy the knife in the school’s room-size pottery kiln. It’s truly amazing the education and facilities these girls have at their disposal! Rosewood High is conveniently unlocked after hours, because of course, and Caleb and Spencer walk right in. As they prepare themselves to get rid of the knife, Caleb ventures into the giant hot box as his companion wanders off. Surprising to exactly no one aside from Caleb and Spencer, the giant metal door slams shut and locks, leaving Caleb to grow even hotter than he already is inside of the room.

Eventually Spencer comes back to let a very sweaty Caleb out of his sauna of doom, but she never explains the kind of spacey wandering that drew her away from him—while destroying a murder weapon—in the first place. It doesn’t make any sense. What seems more important than destroying a knife that could potentially have your fingerprints on it? All she did was walk listlessly down the hall and then return to find our poor, dehydrated Caleb stuck in a high-school-pottery-class hell. It is the same kind of inexplicable element that always drives the gang apart in times of crisis and leaves them vulnerable. Someone needs to chain these people together.

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