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Pretty Little Liars recap: No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Caleb tells the truth about Ravenswood, and Melissa reveals who killed Bethany Young.

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Pretty Little Liars Recap
Ron Tom/ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars

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Ali is the enemy. Of course we can’t be sure that’s the truth, but that was the point of view that this episode took, and that’s exactly what made it work. Basing the entire hour around something so concrete, so certain—if only for a moment—gave the show a firm foundation upon which to add layers of relationship drama, family secrets, and one very telling confessional. After all this time, it was a breath of fresh air for these girls to know exactly whom to blame. For years, it’s been about blaming “A,” a mysterious figure no one can identify. Blaming Ali, on the other hand, finally put a face on the idea of “the bad guy” and allowed viewers to get out of their own heads for a second and start having fun with all of the Rosewood craziness again.

Speaking of craziness, we caught up with the Liars on their way to the Rosewood Police Station to tell the truth about Ali’s story when “A” stopped them via a television display window. When all the TV sets lit up with a picture of Ali leaving Hanna’s hospital room—and proving the girls knew she was alive—the Liars knew their plan had been foiled. As “A” told them, “We’re all in this together.” So does that mean “A” is helping Ali? Or, if we went with Emily’s bold theory (to go with her bold new attitude), “A” is Alison.

To get more info, Emily took the ATM picture of Ali to Ezra, who helped track down another shot of the same interaction. Yep, Ali was meeting with Cyrus long before he came to Rosewood and “confessed” to kidnapping her. Again, all signs point to Ali being “A,” a theory even Hanna shares. Yes, Hanna has thoughts. Well, more like things that she claims “show up” in her head. Basically, if “A” said Ali wasn’t allowed to leave town, then how come Ali’s currently out of town with her dad? Did Ali strike a deal with “A”?

Just as the questions come flooding in, writer Joseph Dougherty goes meta by having Aria and Hanna perfectly sum up the Liars’ struggle—as well as every viewer’s struggle with the show—in two sentences: “Nobody tells you anything when you want to know it, only when they feel like telling it. And then they only tell you enough to make you crazy to know more.” Bravo.

And speaking of tight-lipped individuals, Lieutenant Tanner finds the girls walking around town and asks to chat. She claims she’s “lucky” to get three of them together at once, which only proves she’s the worst detective ever, because these girls almost always travel in groups of three or more. Anyway, she tells the girls that the hunt for Cyrus is on before asking them who they think killed Bethany Young? Ah yes, the old “ask the 17-year-olds about murder when their parents aren’t there” tactic. Good police work, Tanner. Maybe you should’ve used your time more wisely and asked them something they could’ve actually helped you with, like what hair products to use to regain some volume. Honestly.

From flat hair to unexpectedly large hair, we go from Tanner to Paige, who has a hot date with some random blonde. Although considering that Paige started her date at a coffee shop in formal wear, it’s doubtful there will be a second date. At this point, things are looking good for Emily to win her woman back.

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