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Pretty Little Liars season premiere recap: EscApe From New York

The Liars come face-to-face with another “A,” which results in a shocking death

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Pretty Little Liars 05
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Well, that was one way to welcome us all back. I might be suffering from whiplash right now, but if I’m being honest, I was kind of loving it. This episode had a ton of the elements that make this show fun. There were ridiculous, laugh-out-loud moments — like “A” turning into a ninja and hitching a ride on top of an ambulance — and suspenseful moments, all mixed in with some good old Liar banter. And, of course, a tiny piece of the puzzle was solved, which is what we all want from every episode. Let’s dig in, shall we?

We picked up right where we left off last season, with Ezra being taken off in an ambulance while Noel gave a statement to the police. I immediately started to question Noel’s motives before I realized he was talking to the police to that Aria wouldn’t have to. The Liars needed to get out of there. And “A” needed to hitch a ride to the hospital on top of an ambulance. So at this point, “A” can fight off Fitz, hop rooftops, and find his way onto the top an ambulance. Thoughts?

The Liars quickly determined “A” wasn’t Ali’s mom — you don’t say? — before they came up with a decoy plan to get Aria to the hospital. After Ali quoted a little Sun Tzu, as high schoolers do, the girls split up. Best part of this scene? Spencer calling “A” a “he/she/it/bitch.” Mystery solved!

At the Hastings household, poor Peter was clearly traumatized by what Melissa had told him. In the season 4 finale, Melissa claimed to know who killed the girl in Ali’s grave, and apparently it was so upsetting that Peter wants to keep it a secret. Just as Melissa was going to tell Detective Holbrook what she knew, Peter stopped her. According to him, Veronica can never know. So is he worried about the murderer reveal or the victim reveal?

In this scene, we also learned just how much Melissa hates Ali. Spoiler: She pretty much blames her for everything that has ever gone wrong. I was really waiting for someone to say, “Ali is the scandal,” but no such luck.

Meanwhile, a very gothic-glam Mona was watching the news about the missing girls and their very alive friend Alison DiLaurentis. She immediately called a meeting to order. And no, that wasn’t Red Coat she was talking to. It was a surprisingly hip Lucas! He was back and ready to join Mona’s “B” — or is it “C”? — team. More on that in a moment.

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