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The morning after sleeping with Tasha, Silver gets a surprise visit — from Tasha’s husband. Ghost questions Silver about Proctor, asking if any criminal charges have been filed against him. Ghost is clearly still worried about what business Maks had outside Proctor’s apartment. As he’s getting ready to leave, Ghost notices a woman’s earring on the floor, though he doesn’t seem to realize it’s Tasha’s. “I didn’t know you had a lady,” he says. Silver replies, “I wouldn’t call her my lady.”

Maybe not, but Tasha is still thinking about him when she talks with Keisha, who questions why that on-camera interview was a good idea. Raina interrupts — she’s over Tariq and the bullying at school, and she tells her mom about a new school she wants to go to in Connecticut. As they talk, Tasha sees the bruises Tariq left on Raina’s arm when he pushed her, but Raina lies about what happened.

Ghost meets up with Rashad Tate about sourcing a potential area for a club in Queens, but he’s surprised when Tate reveals that he invited Dre (“one of the young kids you helped save from the neighborhood”) to join their meeting. And we know how Ghost feels about surprises. (I’m with you, Ghost.) As soon as Tate walks away, Ghost aggressively pulls Dre to the side, and Dre ends up telling Ghost everything about what’s going on with Tommy, the meeting with the Jimenez, and the proposed deal about the Toros Locos’ territory. Essentially, Tommy wants to start a war if he doesn’t hear back.

When Dre tells the crew a war might be coming with the Jimenez, they’re not happy at all, especially since this is all due to Tommy being a hothead. Cristobal and Dre regroup on the side after everyone else leaves, and Dre admits that he didn’t know having Julio killed would lead to “a f—ing war.” Cristobal wants to know what’s next. “I don’t know,” Dre admits, “but whatever it is, we got to be on the same page, and we got to be a step ahead of Tommy somehow.”

Taking Dre’s advice, Ghost meets up with Tommy, who just wants to know whether Teresi is really his father. Ghost tries to get him to focus on the Jimenez, asking whether Tommy is even sure his people would go to war for him over Julio, but Tommy can’t back down from the proposed deal. “I don’t want to start a war I’m not sure I can win,” he says, “but I can’t go back there and negotiate against myself.” Ghost agrees to go with Tommy to meet with the Jimenez.

At the meeting, Ghost uses his gift of Gab to hit Diego where it hurts. He threatens to expose their organization for not being as fearsome as they appear to be since they couldn’t even finish a job they started (killing Lobos). He gives them a day to decide. Ghost and Tommy definitely make good partners.

Now only if Dre could tighten up. Dre and Cristobal meet with Diego to stop a war from happening. Dre is making a bold move by taking a position against his connect, and the Jimenez want to know why they should trust him. “Because I want to be the biggest goddamn drug dealer in New York City, and I can’t do that working for Tommy,” Dre says. To sweeten the deal, he offers up access to the Basa Hotel group. I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew, but Diego is in if Dre can make it happen — and if he can’t, Diego will kill Dre himself. They’ll give Tommy what he wants to buy Dre time. Dre calls Tommy to tell him the news as Cristobal questions whether Dre can get this done without Tommy finding out.

Tommy does some soul searching and, after asking his mother again about the identity of his father, decides to visit Connie, Teresi’s wife. While Connie is in another room, Tommy steals a picture from a photo album. He visits his mother again to confront her about lying, and she finally admits it: Teresi is his father. Tommy storms out.

As for his mom, Kate visits Teresi in jail, threatening to tell Connie about their relationship — and the son she doesn’t know about — if Teresi doesn’t honor their agreement to stay away from Tommy. Now I’m curious as to why. The plot thickens. (Recap continues on page 2)

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