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Now that she’s seen the security footage that corroborates James’ story, Angela needs to blow off some steam as she contemplates what to do next. She meets up with her sister, Paz, during her morning run and admits that she thinks James is innocent. Paz isn’t fond of James or the fact that a married man had a relationship with her sister, but she sets aside her bias to say that Angela should tell her boss if she truly believes James didn’t kill Knox.

Angela tells Sandoval about the surveillance tape and explains that James didn’t hide a gun. She suggests they present this information to Maks, but Sandoval shuts it down; he still sees James as the killer. Saxe and Maks come in with information about a seven-figure deposit made to James’ bank account from Tommy; they’re going to present it as a murder-for-hire pay-off.

On the other side of the case, Ghost is furious that Proctor is out as his lawyer and that he has to lean on Silver completely. Silver reminds James that he’s the only one standing between him and the death penalty. Duly noted. And since all of James and Tasha’s assets have been frozen, they’ll have to have an asset forfeiture hearing. James insists that there’s nothing to worry about. Later, Silver stops by the penthouse to inform Tasha about Proctor and remind her that testifying might be the only chance they have to get her husband out.

Tasha texts Tommy about the whole situation, interrupting him while he tries to evade Keisha’s questions. Keisha is head over heels for Tommy, but you can see he doesn’t feel the same way. We already know how tumultuous his relationship with Holly was — and we also know he’s still hiding the fact that he killed her. Working to stake her claim, Keisha wants to know what happened with Holly so she doesn’t make the same mistake, but Tommy blanks out as he receives Tasha’s texts. Finally, Tommy goes to Proctor and admits that the weave shop was used as a front to clean the money — and that Keisha and Tasha both knew about it, implicating them as accomplices. He agrees that Tasha has no choice but to take the stand if she’s been running their financials.

Meanwhile, Tony gets word that Marshal Clyde Williams is getting transferred to another site, possibly because Proctor dug up information on the marshal after Ghost and Williams had a little run-in at the prison’s gym. Since Tony is salty that he can’t blackmail Ghost anymore, he puts a bug in Williams’ ear about James probably being the reason for his transfer. The two collude on ways to get rid of James.

James already has enough to deal with. He gets a visit from the Simon Stern, the same man who took Truth nightclub from James temporarily. It’s clear Stern is loving every moment of seeing James behind that glass window. He knows about the frozen assets and offers to help James financially, but James declines. We can see this won’t be Stern’s last attempt to get back at James — he even finds Tasha later and gives her his card.

Angela approaches Proctor while he’s out with his daughter — at least getting booted from James’ case has given him more time for family — to tell him about the tape and ask for his help. He’s not excited that she came around. He accuses her team of planting the gun at the nightclub to begin with, but Angela won’t blame them without knowing all the facts, so Proctor tells her to talk to James directly if she’s really trying to fix this.

Taking his advice, Angela meets up with James and Silver, asking James about the fingerprints on Knox’s window. He admits he went there looking for the evidence after Knox said he had information implicating Angela as the mole. To prove it, James runs down the conversation he overheard between Angela and Knox that night. He also points out in the crime scene photos that the burner phone wasn’t there before. Just when it seems like Angela is going to tell James and Silver about the tapes, she gives them a heads up about the deposit they found in his bank account from Tommy.

Tommy and Petar need new ways to sell the weight while Truth is shut down, and Dre suggests a new setup that he ends up running. While Tommy praises him for the new idea, he also makes it clear that Dre should be telling him Tariq’s every move — Tommy isn’t happy after finding out Tariq slept with a girl at a party.

And Tommy’s own relationship is exposed when Keisha, talking to Tasha, drops a hint that her new boo is a “white boy.” Tasha puts two and two together and calls out Tommy for messing with Keisha. She’s concerned that his love for Holly hasn’t gone away and Keisha will get hurt. Tommy confesses to killing Holly, admitting that he thought she killed Ghost. Although he’s beside himself about it, Tasha understands: “We’re a family, and we protect each other.” Knowing that he can’t really be vulnerable again after Holly, Tasha warns him about walking away from Keisha since she’s unpredictable.

Later, at his apartment, Tommy gets word from Petar that the Chicago distro wants to see him ASAP. B.G. brings Tommy a new car for his trip to Chicago and gives him his phone, instructing him to leave it on. Hopefully Tommy doesn’t get into anything too crazy. (Recap continues on page 2)

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