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This doesn’t look good. At the start of episode 3, Dre, Keisha, and Julio are snatched up by the feds for questioning. Julio and Dre see each other in the process. While all of that is happening, Angela is at Greg’s funeral lurking in the back of the church — I mean, patiently waiting for the family to leave so she can pay her respects. I’m sure the family’s not too fond of her. (Join the club.) While she’s paying her respects, she’s spotted by Bailey, Greg’s cheerleader and ex-CI agent. It’s not a coincidence that he’s eyeballing her.

Uncle Tommy drops off Raina and Tariq at school and questions Tariq about his attitude toward his mother. Tariq is awfully apathetic about his family and the outcome of his father’s case. Tommy understands Tariq’s position but tries to convince him of his father’s innocence. We already know how that conversation goes: in one ear and out the other.

It doesn’t help that Raina gets picked on in school right after receiving a text about her dad possibly getting the death penalty. As a group of guys start teasing her, Tariq steps in to defend his sister, then storms out. When Raina runs outside after him, a paparazzo catches her crying. There go the headlines. James gets wind of his daughter in the paper and calls Tasha to check on her, but Raina’s torn up. At least she’s still defending her father. As for Tariq, he and his best friend Kanan are up to no good after Tariq gives Kanan the code to the school bully’s penthouse. I know I wasn’t the only one who thought Tariq allowed this man to break into his own family’s home.

As for their father, it’s very apparent that James needs as much legal armor as he can get. Enter Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon), the second-chair counsel whom Proctor hires to assist them. Silver boasts a high success rate at winning capital punishment crime cases, so I approve, but James isn’t too fond because of his judgmental demeanor. Proctor needs James to cooperate if they’re going to win this case, so Silver lays out pictures from the crime scene, asking James to run down his timeline so they can form an airtight alibi. James finally admits that he broke into Greg’s home when he wasn’t there to find evidence that Greg and Angela were back together. In one of the pictures, James notices the burner phone, which wasn’t there in his recollection. He and Angela knew this belonged to the mole, but James doesn’t have proof of the phone playing a disappearing act. There goes that airtight alibi.


Julio and Dre both get questioned about their relationship with James, including whether James ever mentioned his plan to kill Knox. I’m not an FBI agent, but blatantly asking a suspected killer’s friends if he planned on killing someone doesn’t seem like a good way to get a truthful answer. They both portray James as the hood’s street hero. Meanwhile, Angela digs into Keisha about Tommy, his relationship with James, and James and Tasha’s marital issues. Keisha’s smart mouth makes the interrogation too easy for Angela. From Keisha’s responses, Angela can try to prove Tasha and James weren’t together when Knox was killed — meaning Angela would be able to break spousal privilege and potentially force Tasha to testify against her husband. If Tasha refuses, she could be prosecuted. Keisha walked right into that one.

Since the prosecution is playing dirty, Proctor has to step up his game. He’s adamant about getting James’ DNA thrown out. But when he and his second-chair counsel meet at the jail, Silver — who’s yet to find proof of that illegal traffic stop — questions Proctor’s relationship with James and Tommy. “If you represented Egan, you can’t represent St. Patrick,” Silver argues. “That’s a clear conflict of interest. You have to recuse yourself.” Regardless of what Silver thinks, Proctor believes James, and he eventually finds the footage of Knox illegally pulling James over. This works in their favor later. (Recap continues on page 2)

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