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Power recap: I Call the Shots

While Ghost and Tasha fall into an old pattern, they take care of a problem together

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Jessica Miglio


TV Show
Crime, Drama
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Omari Hardwick
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In Season

This week’s episode proved to be two steps forward and three steps back for Ghost St. Patrick. Ghost has always believed he can control the people and circumstances in his life, but his vendetta against Lobos has led to poor decisions in both his personal and professional lives. His relationship with Angela is in shambles because he betrayed her trust, and his obsession to take out Lobos left the door wide open for Milan to infiltrate his nightclub business. Ghost’s lies and manipulations have alienated him from the two people closest to him — Tasha and Tommy — which lead to a tragic turn of events.

Angela decides to flush out the mole in her department by sending a text on Hugo’s cell phone. Michael (the real mole), receives the text on his burner phone and calls Hugo’s cell phone. Angela picks up, and they both hear a helicopter flying overhead. Michael quickly hangs up when he realizes someone in his department is close to taking him down. When Agent Saxe delivers Hugo’s autopsy report, Michael goes over to Hugo’s apartment to get rid of any traces of his involvement with Lobos and Hugo, but Greg spies him walking out of the building later that evening.

Dre visits Tariq and gently advises him against spending time alone with Slim (Kanan). When Dre meets up with Kanan for more intel on Ghost, Kanan assures him that he has no intention to kill Tariq, now that he knows Tariq can be of use to him to get back at Ghost. While Ghost fulfills his fatherly duties by speaking at the Career Day fair at Tariq’s school, he texts Kanan and makes plans to meet up after school.

Kanan uses his usual Jedi mind trick of challenging Tariq’s manhood and convinces him to steal a pair of expensive sneakers.

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