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Pitch recap: Season 1, Episode 6

That one time Ginny went rogue

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Ray Mickshaw; FOX


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So far, Pitch has made a habit of delivering at just the right moment, not unlike the Cubs’ offense in Game 7. Last week, I begged for some darkness for Ginny, and this week, the drama came through.

You never know what’s going to break someone who’s functioning under enormous pressure. In Ginny’s case, it’s a glove — a Nike glove, to be specific. It’s a glove the behemoth athletic brand gives her right after she signs a major endorsement deal, and it would like her to start using it. Now, I’ve tried to stay away from nitpicking Pitch’s realness batting average, but I feel quite certain that if you’re a baseball player good enough to become a marquee Nike ambassador, nobody’s asking you to switch up your equipment. Unfortunately, nobody tells Ginny that. And as she stares at the big blue swoosh on the glove, guilt starts to take hold…

…because she doesn’t want to use it. Guilt because she doesn’t think she belongs in the same league as President Obama, who appears in Ginny’s Nike commercial. Guilt because she’s not sure this life of posing for pictures every two minutes is for her. (By the way, if Ginny really has to crouch down for as many fan selfies as this episode suggests, she can completely cut out squats at the gym.) Compounding her shaky mood is Ginny’s growing discomfort with Lawson and Amelia’s ongoing romps. Amelia lets slip to Lawson that Ginny gets panic attacks, and Lawson accidentally references this info in the middle of a bad start for Ginny. She’s not pleased, though I’d like to remind her she’s in good hands —Jessie Spano taught her catcher a thing or two about how to handle a friend’s breakdown.

After Lawson’s blunder, Ginny acts cool toward both him and Amelia. That’s when we learn the only thing nastier than her screwball is her icing-out game. She serves Amelia a serious “We’re not friends, friend” vibe. Mike is so rattled by Ginny snapping at him on the mound, he breaks up with Amelia altogether and is washing dishes in his ex-wife’s kitchen by nightfall. (Why are failed love interests always staying late after their ex’s dinner parties to wash dishes? Has this ever happened to anyone, anywhere? It’s as if Lawson is trying to convince Rachel she should dump her dishwasher instead of her new boyfriend.)

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