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Parenthood season premiere recap: 'Vegas'

The Bravermans are back tackling brand new challenges, but it’s possible Zeek may be facing the biggest one yet.

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Watching the final season premiere of Parenthood is something that many of us surrogate Bravermans have been both looking forward to and dreading since learning of its fate last spring. While overjoyed to have “our” family back on Thursday nights, we’re consumed with sadness at the thought of having to say goodbye to them in just 13 episodes (first tissue, please). “It’s overwhelming,” Amber says as the sixth and final season opens and she hears her baby’s heartbeat for the first time (that’s right, folks, Amber is pregnant, but more on that later). I couldn’t have said it better myself. We’ve spent the past five years being overwhelmed with the Bravermans and all that life has thrown at them. To all of us who feel like we’re part of this loud, funny, crazy family, it’s not going to be easy to let them go (second tissue, please and thanks).

Season 6 starts with short vignettes catching us up on what’s transpired since we last saw the family. It turns out that pregnancy test we saw Amber shopping for at the end of season 5 was positive (hospital bed sex for the win!), and she’s already seeing and hearing the heartbeat via ultrasound. It also turns out that neither baby-daddy Ryan or grandma-to-be Sarah know about the pregnancy. Overwhelming, indeed. When her doctor asks if she wants this pregnancy, Amber hesitates, but the look on her face when she takes a second look at the ultrasound screen makes her answer obvious. Throw out the vodka in that freezer, Amber, looks you’re gonna need room in there for breast milk.

Holy Cinemax! Julia is having hot sex with someone who is not estranged husband Joel or former fling Mr. Knight, but apparently a coworker (although what they’re doing is definitely NSFW). Looks like Julia’s a working woman again (and yes, I do mean that in more than one way). Guess that tender moment that Julia and Joel shared at the end of season 5 (after telling Sydney the bedtime story and grasping hands) didn’t lead anywhere. Anywhere but to a hot lawyer’s bedroom, I mean.

Sarah and Hank are still (awkwardly) dating, and Hank is worried about teenage daughter, Ruby, moving back to San Francisco. Turns out, neither she nor his ex-wife, Sandy, knows about his relationship with Sarah. Although a bit surprised that he hasn’t told them yet, Sarah just laughs about it—while sitting at a table surrounded by red flags.

Chambers Academy, Adam and Kristina’s new charter school, is days away from opening yet is nowhere near ready. There’s problems with the plumbing, the walls haven’t been painted, and oh, yeah, there’s one important member of the incoming class that is refusing to attend: Max. Adam and Kristina try to sell Max on the school by letting him choose paint colors, but their son isn’t buying it. He tells them he likes being homeschooled because he doesn’t have to worry about the other kids slowing him down. And by “slowing him down” I’m quite sure he means “peeing in his canteen.”(Remember the heartbreaking bullying incident last season that set this charter school domino chain in motion?)

Millie and Zeek are busy in the backyard of their new house—Millie painting on the deck instead of in her former, lovelier backyard, and Zeek now tending to a garden of cucumbers instead of tinkering on old Pontiacs—when Sarah arrives to whisk Zeek off on a surprise father/daughter birthday weekend to Vegas. “We’re going to Vegas! This is great!” Zeek shouts as he throws down his gardening trowel. I agree. Blackjack beats the crap(s) out of cucumbers any day.

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