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Orphan Black recap: The Stigmata of Progress

Sarah needs to get that Neo implant out, and Rachel sends an important message

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Ken Woroner/BBC America

Orphan Black

TV Show
Action, Drama, Sci-fi
run date:
Taitana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris
BBC America
Current Status:
In Season

Do you hate the dentist? Then this is not the Orphan Black episode for you.

Sarah’s discovery that she’s playing host to one of those totally unharmless, definitely not run-of-the-mill maggot-bots (they showed that video from last week again, ugh) leads her to try and find out more about what it is and, more importantly, get it out of her face. But that, like all things on this show, leads her and Team Leda into more troublesome territory with Neolution and Topside. Nice to see you again, Ferdinand!

And now that we’ve all sat through this week’s episode, it’s time to put our favorite sestras through the Orphan Black Clone Status Hyper-Sequence Generator Calcutron to determine who was in the most danger this week.


It’s easy to win a danger contest when there’s Neolution tech embedded in your cheek. Cosima and Scott take a closer look at whatever it is with an ultrasound machine and note that it’s taken hold of an artery and has a non-organic (i.e. man-made) core. But without further study, there’s no way to know what it is or what it’s for.

Her first step is to find Dizzy, the hacker who showed Sarah the video last week, thinking she was M.K. She goes to his apartment, introduces herself as M.K.’s sister, and gets his attention by telling him she’s got one those things in her cheek. He’s heard chatter about this biotech for a few months — it could be a biometric monitor or a delivery system for insulin or narcotics, but he notes ominously that putting it in the jaw gives it proximity to the brain. Yikes. He also gives her another clue: the guy in the video that gave me nightmares last week/forever is named Alonzo Martinez.

With Art’s help, we find out someone by that name had a local address but recently moved back to Bogota, save for a quick one-night trip that happened to involve a stop at a dental clinic specializing in dental implants. Bingo.

She goes there and runs into a hygienist who thinks she’s Beth and knows she’s been digging around. Running with this woman’s assumption of who she is, “Beth” asks about Martinez and tells her she has one of the implants. She says she knows how to remove them, and after the clinic closes she sets Sarah-as-Beth down in a chair with a really scary looking tool propping her mouth open.

After poking her cheek with another dental instrument, she tells Sarah she’s hit the device and if she moves at all, the thing will explode and release a dose of a fatal toxin. The woman, now evidently firmly on Team Neo, says her superiors are on their way and babbles on about how lucky Sarah is to be a test subject. Someone walks in with a knife that seems bound for our clone pal, but it’s Ferdinand (who caught wind of what was happening via Mrs. S & Co.’s search for a doctor familiar with this sort of Neo tech), who cuts the hygienist’s throat and tells Sarah she’s fine – if the woman had punctured the device, she’d already be dead. He also tells Sarah he got a message from Rachel Duncan, but we’ll get to that…

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