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Orange of the New Black recap: Bed Bugs and Beyond

Bennett faces an important decision that could affect his—and Daya’s—lives while a bed bug infestation sweeps Litchfield..

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Jojo Whilden/Netflix

Orange Is the New Black

TV Show
Drama, Comedy
run date:
58 minutes
Taylor Schilling, Natasha Lyonne, Kate Mulgrew, Laura Prepon
Current Status:
In Season

Look, life isn’t great for the inmates of Litchfield—they have about as little control over their lives as someone could. Sure, it’s possible to become a Vee or a Red, but their lives on the inside remain at the mercy of those running the prison, and on the outside by whoever is willing to keep their memory alive.

Because of those domineering forces, control becomes an ever more important aspect of their lives. No matter how big or small, control over anything can give their lives meaning. Episode 2 is an exercise in how fickle control is—it can be grasped as easily as it can be snatched away.

There’s a prison-wide loss of control when an infestation of bed bugs hits Litchfield, forcing all of the women into paper jumpsuits, or underwear when they run out of the wafer thin outfits, while their clothes are cleaned (and recleaned).

A more individual loss of control also begins to show itself from the episode’s start. Red thought her life on the outside was in a good place, but as she learned in the last episode, something went awry with her shop. And as she confronts Piper, she learns the truth—the “thriving” market Piper detailed was in fact shut down. Piper tries to explain herself, she only wanted to make Red happy, but the delayed revelation has only infuriated her more.

But it’s not just the inmates who are losing control of their relationships. Bennett may assume all is well with his and Daya’s baby, but when he discovers Pornstache’s mother (played by Mary Steenburgen) is visiting Aleida after the latter stole the letters Pornstache’s mom sent Daya and wrote back).

The talk goes well for Aleida, who essentially blackmails the fake soon-to-be grandmother with the possibility of taking care of Daya’s daughter. The two agree that, in exchange for money every month for both Aleida and Daya, she can take care of the child and hopefully do a better job of raising it than she did bringing up someone who could be named Pornstache.

Bennett is furious, but when Aleida explains the situation to him and Daya, the actual mother is not so against the idea. It’ll at least give the baby a proper home, because, as Bennett soon finds out, living with Aleida’s lover Cesar isn’t an ideal situation.

Bennett in fact is the episode’s flashback subject, reflecting on his time in the service. He may be the prettiest soldier his new sargeant has ever seen, but he’s also there to put in as much work is necessary… even if work means lip-syncing while shirtless along to the Gwen Stefani classic “Hollaback Girl” for a viral video.

For Bennett’s camp, war involves little actual warring. Instead his platoon trains local soldiers (who are less than enthused about the lip-syncing), watches as drones take out enemy camps, and seeing little real action. 

His base turns from safe space to chaotic war zone when the local guards throw a grenade into one of their tents. The lone local guard who tries to help is gunned down for shouting “bomb.” The flashback ends with Bennett cowering, waiting for the explosion while another soldier hops on top of the grenade to shield his brothers.

And while Bennett may have not lost a part of himself in the service, he did go on to lose his leg, and he isn’t about to lose his unborn child. He wants to prove to Daya he’s in this for long haul, and so he proposes to her (with a ring fashioned out of gum wrappers). She says yes, and Bennett quickly gets a Diaz family education, visiting Cesar and the large number of children he’s caring for from Daya’s family.

To be blunt, as Bennett seems to see it, those kids would be better off without the gun-toting father figure who’s live-in “side thing” is taking care of children she has little relation to. He seems to care about protecting them, or he wouldn’t be doing so, but his regard for their well-being is shown in dangerous ways, and Bennett is wary about following in those steps. But where exactly Bennett is going to go remains a mystery, as he leaves the crib he was gifted by Cesar on the side of the road and speeds off in a fit of anger.

NEXT: Litchfield’s days may be numbered.