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Grey's Anatomy recap: Throwing It All Away

Arizona’s finally ready to be happy, and everyone seems to be moving on from something

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Ron Tom/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

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Welcome back to Seattle, where for once, there seemed to be a little bit of sunshine! And yes, it was indicative of something: It was time to let go of everything that wasn’t a necessity. As the voice over put it, “Bodies only hang on to things we absolutely need,” so shouldn’t we be the same way with our own emotional baggage? The answer is yes, we really should. I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that this episode was about pushing past the drama. Things felt bright and shiny, relationships were mended, and there was even an elevator scene! And for that I say bless you, Shonda Rhimes. Bless you. Let’s get into it!

The episode started with Arizona, who would remain a focus throughout the entire hour. After Sophia spilled fruit juice on her artificial leg, she wasn’t exactly in the best mood. So when Callie asked about where to put her wheelie sneakers, Arizona told her to throw them out, a statement that made me audibly whimper and as a result, like myself a little less.

At the hospital, Arizona was then asked if she was a robot by one of her young patients, and you know what? She handled it like a pro. Finally, she’s moving past this “you cut off my leg and I hate you” business! However, Hunt was there to drizzle on her parade when he told her she had to meet with HR. Turned out, Leah was the one who filed the harassment complaint. Womp womp.

But Hunt didn’t stop there! He also delivered bad news to Alex and Jo. Thanks to Alex deciding to essentially give the board the finger when it came to the non-fraternization rule, he was suspended from surgery for three days. Jo, on the other hand, had to stay far away from him (as in on another floor) and all things having to do with pediatrics.

So while Jo and Alex paid for their fraternizing, Richard wanted Cristina to get over hers. He told her to take Ross back on her service and teach him her ways. But when she brought up their previous inappropriate “shenanigans,” Richard was there to inform her that Hunt had put him in charge of looking out for Shane. And as for the moment when she referred to Owen as “the chief”? Well, Richard had something to say about that: “As far as you’re concerned, Dr. Yang. I am still and will always be the chief!” At this point, I was applauding. True story: I struggle not to refer to Richard as “the chief” every time I write a recap.

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