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Once Upon a Time recap: Season 6, Episode 6

Nemo loves family, and family means no one gets left behind

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ABC/Jack Rowand

Once Upon a Time

TV Show
Fantasy, Drama
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Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla
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In Season

You know how family gets on your nerves sometimes, but you love them regardless, so you stick by them? That only applies most of the time on Once Upon a Time. On certain occasions, you stab them or leave your city to be swept up in a sandstorm or worse, hide their scissors. That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, so let’s go back and recap tonight’s episode:

In a flashback on Hook’s ship, a detractor appears among the ranks. Hook demands he be brought to justice, but just as he’s about to send a sword through him, a “sea monster” appears from below the ship. The detractor says it’s not a sea monster and pushes Hook into the water, jumping after him and saying he’s saving his life. We flash back to the real world, with Hook still holding the Savior shears in Emma’s garage. Outside, Henry runs into the Evil Queen, who takes no time to reveal Hook has kept the shears. Henry is definitely distraught. Hook goes out to look for Henry and realizes the shears, and Henry, are gone.

Regina goes to speak with the Evil Queen and Zelena, but it’s not just for a chat about exposing Emma’s secret. Snow and David are inside, setting Archie free. Zelena hears her baby crying and runs inside, but Archie is already gone. In town, Aladdin and Jasmine are catching up, but Jasmine keeps ruining things by bringing up this Agrabah business and Aladdin is not interested in being a Savior again. He’s more interested in his old ways, as Emma catches him breaking into a car. She takes Aladdin on a drive to have a little chat about Storybrooke and what kind of silly things a Savior might do under pressure of responsibility…like slamming your car into the Storybrooke sign. Aladdin asks what he can do to redeem himself for all that happened in Agrabah, and Emma asks him what happened because that’s the best place to start.

Flashing back again, we see Hook has been taken aboard the Nautilus, and his detractor? Captain Nemo. And his big advice to Hook is that the biggest thing he’s missing in life is family. Hook tells Nemo he’ll never understand what the Dark One took from him, but Nemo assures him he does. They can’t seem to see eye to eye, but Nemo tells Hook he has a mission for him — by the time it’s done, he’ll see the ship is where he belongs. In real time, Hook has chased Henry down to the dock, where Henry confronts him about the shears. They’re interrupted, though, when the Nautilus appears from the sea.

Hook tells Henry to run because the captain wants to see Hook. They’re taken aboard the ship anyway, down into the harbor where there’s a surprisingly wide variety of tropical fish for a town called Storybrooke. Then again, why question it, ya know? Once underwater, Henry goes full-on teenager and again calls out Hook for what he’s done, blaming him for this ship nonsense… And you know what? He’s not totally wrong.

We flash back to Hook and Nemo’s mission, where Hook has a chance to talk to some of Nemo’s men. One explains that when he lost his whole family, Nemo saved his life, and he’ll forever be indebted to him. The trio comes across the treasure, and Hook seems extremely unimpressed by the mission. He tries to run but is nearly killed by a sea monster. Captain Nemo saves his life and reminds Hook… He is in the family now.

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