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Once Upon a Time recap: Her Handsome Hero

Belle and Rumple try to protect their child from Hades, and a suitor from Belle’s past makes an appearance

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Jack Rowand/ABC

Once Upon a Time

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Fantasy, Drama
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Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla
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It was a tale as old as time on tonight’s Once Upon a Time as we revisited the tale of Belle and Gaston…because no one’s quite like Gaston. Unlike the Disney classic, in this story Belle’s father is attempting to set her up with the handsome hunter (Wes Brown) because there’s an ogre war brewing, and if she marries Gaston, they stand a good chance of winning. Belle is, understandably, pissed at her father’s meddling, but when Gaston shows up, prepared for a walk and a meet and greet, she has no choice but to agree to at least a meeting. Ah, arranged marriages. Aren’t they great? I mean, at least Gaston is super charming.

Underbrooke: Hook, Emma and Snow are standing at the three graves, and Emma is attempting a spell that will burn the names off. As she attempts to do so, a storm brews, forcing all of them to take cover, but a monster also comes, and when Snow tries to attack it, it kills her. Emma wakes up from her dream — she’d fallen asleep while Hook was keeping watch waiting for Regina’s signal. Regina, apparently, is covering the door to Hades’ lair with a lot of symbols in order to counteract the protective spell on it. Regina and Emma use their magic to get it open, but they only get a brick wall for their troubles. But they’re not totally stumped: Emma tells them about the dream and about burning the names off the graves. Meanwhile, a distraught Rumple is looking at Pan’s whistle and is interrupted by Belle, who has agreed to use his help because she doesn’t want to be separated from her child. The catch is, she doesn’t want Rumple to use dark magic. Merlin had said there was hope that you could be the Dark One without being, well, dark, and Belle wants Rumple to show her that.

So, what is the mighty Gaston doing down in the Underworld? Working at a pet shelter. Quite charming, really. No one…mucks like Gaston? Anyway, Hades arrives with a problem and a solution. See, Hades is pissed that things are starting to grow, like this flower he found, because it means that hope has come to the Underworld. And when souls have hope, they move on, and that can’t happen. Problem! Solution? Have Gaston kill Rumple via some lethal arrows so that he can get his revenge on the man that put him here in the first place.

At Rumple’s shop, Belle and Rumple are working out their issues by (of course) arguing, but Gaston invades their lovers’ quarrel by trying to kill Rumple. Upon seeing the arrow, Rumple knows Hades sent him, and he magics himself and Belle away to the docks before Gaston can attempt to shoot him again. Apparently, Hades dipped those arrows in the River of Lost Souls, so one scratch by them and he’s in that water forever. But that’s not the big deal. The big deal is that via Gaston’s angry arrival, Belle finally learns that Rumple killed him and never told her. I’d say she has a right to be pissed. Always about finding compassion (and despite Rumple’s protests about him not being worth it), Belle says she’s not going to kill Gaston but help him move on. Her plan isn’t just compassionate, it’s also smart: She’s realized, thanks to Hook’s brother, that when souls move on, it weakens Hades, so maybe that’s how they can defeat him.

At the graves, Emma is trying to re-create the spell when her dream starts coming true. They rush to take cover against the storm, and Emma tells them about the monster that pursues them. I love how everyone is okay that she’s remembering all of this from a dream. But, you know, Magic!

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