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Once Upon a Time recap: The Brothers Jones

Hook’s brother returns to help Emma and Hook find a key to defeating Hades…but he’s got his own secrets

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Eike Schroter/ABC

Once Upon a Time

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Fantasy, Drama
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Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla
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In Season

Ah, brotherly love. Family is always complicated on Once Upon a Time, amirite?

A determined Cruella is driving through hell, looking for the quill with Henry. When Henry makes them stop because he thinks he has a lead, he ends up meeting the Apprentice, instead. What unfinished business does the Apprentice have down here? Henry, apparently. He’s here to stop him from making the mistake of resurrecting Cruella because he also apparently doesn’t realize how much the show improves when you have someone like Victoria Smurfit in the cast. He warns Henry that, as the author, he should only use the quill to record and not create stories, but Henry wants to be a hero. The Apprentice relents, telling him that the quill is protected by a powerful spell but the Sheriff here took the key from him. If he can find the key, he can find the quill. And since helping Henry is the only way the Apprentice can move on, he trusts he’ll make the right choice.

Meanwhile, Emma is trying to take care of Hook. With a swish and a flick of some magic, he’s back to his old, charming, attractive self! I wish that worked in real life. Hook is feeling remorseful about everything, mostly because he realizes how fast he succumbed to being the Dark One when Emma managed for like six weeks. Hook doesn’t think he deserves to be saved. Emma, obviously, is not having this. They’re interrupted by Hook’s brother, Liam (Bernard Curry), and Hook is surprised at why Liam is down here — after all, Liam is the most honest guy he knows. What the hell could HE be doing with unfinished business? Liam says Hades has everything rigged down here and talks about needing a storybook to defeat him. Emma quickly realizes he means the Once Upon a Time storybook, and since everything down here has a parallel, there should be a copy hidden somewhere. If they can find Hades’ story and figure out his secrets/weakness, they can exploit it. As usual, simple plan… What could go wrong?

Snow and David help them look for the book, but it’s not in the place it would be in real Storybrooke. (Or, the “Overworld” as Hades likes to call it. Pretty practical, I think.) Liam approaches Emma for some sibling grilling because he thinks she’s not good enough for his brother. He knows Hook’s been fighting some kind of darkness his whole life, and he thinks Emma’s a bad influence. I mean, he’s not wrong — he IS down here because Emma didn’t give him a choice and made him the Dark One, even if it was to save his life. Henry comes home and tells them about how he ran into the Apprentice, but lies about where and how. He does tell him that they need the Sheriff’s key to get into the house where the storybook is being kept, though. This leads Snow and David to the Sheriff’s office because if David is the Sheriff in the Overworld, who is the Sheriff in the Underworld? James, of course. They’re interrupted by Cruella, who sashays in looking for her lover because apparently THAT’S a thing down here. (Look, I don’t blame Cruella. I mean, Josh Dallas ain’t bad looking. I’d be on board.) David makes Snow hide so he can play pretend, and soon realizes he might be a bit out of his depth.

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