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The Office recap: Opposing Counsel

Pam climbs the corporate ladder, Michael lays down on the couch, and Dwight goes ‘Pretty Woman

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Dwight Schrute: Gentelman. Toby Flenderson: Therapist. Pam Halpert: Office Administrator. It was a night of role-shifting on The Office, and everyone was the very model of a modern major fake-it-till-you-make-it. Punch my card, Dwight K. Schrute!

We were treated to a brief Mose sighting, as Dwight gave Pam and Jim a tour of his hellacious would-be daycare center. “There’s no good laugh for a regular idea,” Dwight lamented, and it’s sad but true. There’s a small part of me that sort of believes every time someone does an evil, maniacal laugh, Monty Burns gets a penny.

Toby was all ready to administer Michael’s required therapy sessions, and his social work degree didn’t go to waste: Despite many of Michael’s comical efforts to thwart Toby’s counseling, up to and including pretending to be a werewolf, eventually the World’s Best Boss couldn’t resist a few rounds of Connect Four. (“It’s working! I’m doing it!” Toby beamed.) As Phyllis acutely put it, Michael “has a lot of issues, and he’s stupid,” plus he hates Toby, so the healing process barely got off the ground.

Poor Pam was terrible at sales — “Is price something that’s important to you?” — so she seized on the chance to become the “office administrator” instead of her for-commission gig. Sure, she had to stare down Gabe, but that poor dude folded like a cheap card table.

And then there was Dwight. After being turned away from a swanky store in the mall, he was determined to get revenge — and Kelly’s suggestion to “Pretty Woman” the place quickly emerged as the best plan. “I talk a lot, so I’ve learned to just tune myself out,” Kelly admitted, but she was dead-on with her assessment of Dwight’s outfit as “disgusto barfo.” Oh, Kelly. Never change.

With Andy and Jim’s help, plus a few pro-tips from the Dunder-Mifflinites, Dwight was easily disguised as a dapper gentleman, complete with sweater vest and ascot. But the great plan to shame the store clerk backfired when Dwight couldn’t resist the lure of a pewter wizard holding a crystal. Oh, and when the clerk said the reason Dwight hadn’t been let in the store the day before wasn’t that he seemed poor — it was that he’d seemed threatening, what with his “blood-stained hands” and menacing demeanor. Beet farming is a tough road to hoe.

Other Highlights

++ Andy earnestly telling Dwight, “It would help to get some context so we can get on board.”

++ Andy gently combing Dwight’s ridiculous hair

++ Dwight believing Pretty Woman is called Beautiful Girl

++ Erin just throwing out her disposable camera

++ Ryan telling the camera that “therapists are whores,” and running through a list of therapy-is-garbage comments before saying “I don’t know, just use the best one.” Heh.

Overall, “Counseling” was a solid outing, with some funny moments from Creed and Oscar. I dug it. What about you?

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