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Nurse Jackie recap: Nice Ladies

Jackie and Eddie start a new business venture, and Coop gets ready to scrub out.

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David M. Russell/Showtime

Nurse Jackie

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Edie Falco
Doctor/Medical/Hospital, Comedy

It’s week four of Jackie being in Diversion, and I don’t know about you, but I’m getting as bored as Jackie seems to be with her new job. I’m all for her having to pay the piper and suffer the consequences, but I’m ready for the old Jackie to come back. The super-nurse. The force of the ER. Thankfully, the new role she seems to have given herself in the nursing home appears to have lit a little of her old fire (and as a result, my interest) and despite how monumentally wrong and immoral it is, it’s what this show is all about—agree with it or not. But we’ll get to that in a bit, first let’s muddle through the rest of the messes that are happening at All Saints… the ones that Jackie is not cleaning up.

Although Barry Wolfe gets Jackie’s criminal case dismissed by convincing the judge that she was on her way to help hurricane victims (not to mention the sell job he did of her helping the accident victim on her way to the airport), he’s not as happy as Eddie and Jackie are. Why? Because Jackie still owes him big money, and unless she can come up with his payment he won’t help her with her upcoming nursing license hearing. After Eddie expresses concern (anyone else getting annoyed at how needy and infatuated Eddie has gotten toward Jackie?) and offers to help by basically giving her everything he has (but really), Jackie tells him about selling Vivian’s extra meds. Is he shocked? Disappointed? No way! He understands and wants to help! Oh, just wait. It gets worse.

Later, Vivian is brought into the ER after suffering a fall in her home and only wants Jackie to help her. Zoey, still Jackie’s unenthusiastic monitor yet still taking her job very, very seriously, discourages her from having anything to do with Vivian, even though she’s her patient outside of the hospital. Vivian’s daughter (Tonya Pinkins) insists that it’s time for her mother to be put in a home. Jackie disagrees until the daughter brings up the point of having someone else in charge of all her meds. Lightbulb moment!

Meanwhile, Zoey has come up with a way to try to make her new role more positive for both her and Jackie: star stickers.

Zoey: When Jackie does well, we’ll reward her.

Jackie: I’m not 7.

Zoey: Well, now you’re not gonna get any stickers.

With her plan a failure, Zoey once again complains to Gloria (“I tried positive reinforcement, but she beat me to it with negativity”), who once again tells her that it’s not her job to fix Jackie. In fact, it’s impossible. Could somebody please give that woman a cocktail, STAT? I like Gloria and I admire the tough attitude she’s taking, but man, she’s becoming a real buzzkill.

Later, after having to deny Jackie the freedom to have lunch with Grace, Zoey is finally done being the bad nurse and tells Gloria that she won’t supervise Jackie’s menial tasks anymore. “This is not how I treat people. I can’t do what I do without caring. I’m not a doctor.” Drop your mic and walk away, sister.

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