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Notorious recap: Season 1, Episode 9

As Jake tries to clear Maya’s name, Louise and Julia head out of town on a dangerous mission

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ABC/Richard Cartwright


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Piper Perabo, Daniel Sunjata, Ryan Guzman, Aimee Teegarden

This week on Notorious, Louise and Julia took a much-needed vacation to Mexico for spring break headed to Mexico for what could be the biggest story of their careers. Meanwhile, Jake tried to work his magic to keep Maya out of prison.

We begin with Max heading to LHL to tell the world Maya’s been arrested in Johnny’s murder and that she and her roommates were part of the “bling ring” scheme. The opening of this episode definitely would’ve been helped by another Ray J cameo, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. He cites the gunpowder residue on her hands, the fact Johnny slept with her mother, and her journal as “proof” Maya is the killer — and considering she was the only one of the surviving roommates without an alibi, things aren’t looking too good for Maya.

Meanwhile, Louise is ambushed as she heads home after the night’s taping and receives a rather unique “opportunity” from a mysterious fellow named Eduardo, who definitely didn’t mistake her for his Uber when he hopped in the front seat of her car uninvited. Eduardo comes to her with an intriguing proposition: El Toro, an on-the-run mass murderer and drug pusher who’s currently the most wanted man alive (hmm, was this inspired by El Chapo, by chance?), wants to do an interview with Louise in a secret, undisclosed location. She has 48 hours to decide if she’s in, or they’ll go to another network. What, Sean Penn wasn’t available?

As for Jake, he’s doing his best to sway public opinion into believing Maya is innocent. Julia and Dana have a productive dinner together, and Julia apologizes for screwing her over. Then Dana drops a bombshell on Julia that explains a lot: When the whole scandal happened, she was pregnant and had such terrible morning sickness that she couldn’t conduct her interview. The source was real and the facts were real, but the actual interview was made up, and that’s what got her fired. She says she had to keep her pregnancy under wraps; the father was the chairman of the network and she didn’t want people thinking the first female anchor had slept her way to the top. She ended up losing the baby several weeks later, and eventually lost her job, too.

Despite her reluctance, Dana agrees to go on the show and defends Maya’s journal (where she wrote she wanted to kill Jake) as a healthy form of expression — she was just airing her feelings as a form of therapy. She also admits that while she didn’t know Johnny was Maya’s boyfriend, Maya didn’t know Dana and Johnny had slept together, meaning it couldn’t be considered a motive. Though the appearance goes smoothly, Julia receives a call midway through informing her Maya tried to kill herself. She visits her in the hospital, the two have a nice chat, and all seems to be well…for now.

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