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Notorious recap: Season 1, Episode 6

Julia and Louise battle it out against a rival news anchor while Jake recieves the shock of a lifetime

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Piper Perabo, Daniel Sunjata, Ryan Guzman, Aimee Teegarden

It’s been a minute since Notorious revealed any new information about Sarah Keaton’s murder, and while it seems that next week will finally be the big reveal as to who is behind her murder, this week, we’re left with even more questions: Why did she never tell Jake or Oscar about her teenage pregnancy? Why was she storing old, ugly furniture in a storage unit? And was Barcelona really as great as Jake and Sarah keep making it seem?

The main focus this week wasn’t Sarah or the fact that Oscar agreed to re-hire Jake as his attorney. No, this week, we were introduced to Callie Connors, a Louise Herrick rival with a flair for the dramatic. Connors’ show beat out LHL in the ratings the previous night because she broke the story of Emily Parker, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed high schooler who was mysteriously snatched from her home and has been missing since.

Because Jake is apparently the only attorney in all of Los Angeles, Parker’s parents have hired him as their lawyer. But despite his best efforts, they pass up an offer to appear on Jake’s BFF’s show LHL, and choose instead to appear on Callie’s show because she offered up a large chunk of cash.

Julia’s none too pleased about the big exclusive going to Callie, so she takes matters into her own hands in an attempt to jack up Louise’s ratings once more. After Megan informs her that Emily is just one of nearly 600 missing girls in L.A., Julia decides to focus on their stories, since the mainstream media won’t. Now, it’s never explicitly stated that she means minorities when she refers to these “other” stories, which I found kind of strange, but as LHL flashes photos of the dozens of other missing girls, they’re solely black and Hispanic. I’m not saying the show needed to make the issue racial, but it felt like they were, while beating around the bush in order to avoid saying it. It would’ve been a nice touch if this was something they had mentioned and tackled directly instead of just casually implying it.

Anyway, the story Julia chooses to focus on is that of a teenager named Rosa, who disappeared after working her night shift at a fast-food restaurant. Her mother, Sylvia, talks with Louise on the show and pleads for a safe return for her daughter. As soon as Callie gets wind of Sylvia’s appearance, she’s quick to point fingers as to who is responsible for Rosa’s disappearance. She flashes a photo of Rosa’s black boyfriend Braden, calls him a “thug,” and accuses him of being involved in her disappearance. See? Again, another opportunity to really make a point about racism that’s completely overlooked and never mentioned again.

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