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No Tomorrow recap: Season 1, Episode 7

Evie says “I love you” and Xavier says…

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Michael Courtney/The CW

No Tomorrow

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The CW
Romantic Comedy

Ready to strike “grand romantic gesture” from the list? Then let’s get right to tonight’s episode of No Tomorrow.

Remember when all of Xavier’s belongings were repossessed last week? Well, by some miracle, he still managed to get the security deposit back on his house, enough to buy him a trailer to live in. Yay! Evie’s not so excited by this prospect…that is, until Xavier suggests they go and break in the sofa bed. Perhaps it was on her apocalist?

Down at the Cybermart, the company’s billionaire CEO, Mr. Corrie Casey, is visiting and Evie has a plan — complete with dance-move signals and ’60s space-rock references — to ambush him on arrival and pitch that he should hire her to work for Cyberhugs, the company’s charitable sector. However, despite rehearsing in the mirror and meticulously studying Mr. Casey’s autobiography, she blows her chance when she’s too flustered to speak upon his arrival. Said turmoil was perhaps caused when she accidentally told Xavier she loved him only to hear silence in return. For his part, Xavier was brushing his teeth and didn’t hear her… Or did he and just pretended not to?

Things go from bad to worse for Evie’s Cyberhugs prospects when Mr. Casey makes a speech, announcing a new vision for the future of the company. Basically, although he’s not making any new layoffs (only because he hasn’t yet figured out how to get the robots to do the staff’s individual jobs), he is cutting costs in other ways — such as switching to powdered water and, oh, yeah, cutting the Cyberhugs program completely. But he is having a party at the weekend, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Deirdre is the only one invited, though

Ever-steadfast Evie won’t take this lying down, so she does some research and compiles a bunch of data to prove to Mr. Casey that Cyberhugs is worth keeping. Now she just has to get invited to the party so she can make her impassioned plea.

But first, Evie is invited to dinner with her sister, Mary Anne. She invites Xavier along, even though they both know Mary Anne doesn’t like him. He’s not off to a great start when he mentions the risotto she’s made looks like mucus, but he still thinks it looks tasty! Fortunately, she needs some painting done on her house, and Xavier steps in and offers to do it for a much cheaper price than her regular painter. Perfect! What could possibly go wrong?

Well, Xavier could paint the outside of the house fuchsia. Mary Anne had left him some pink paint for a smaller area inside, but after she filled him in on her love for the color — her hair was pink when she was in a punk band in college — he thought it’d be a nice gesture to paint the entire outside of her home in the same bright shade. Funnily enough, the uptight, dairy- and gluten-free Mary Anne doesn’t agree. She rails at him that his fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants-carpe-diem philosophy is not for her and demands he repaint it. This causes her young son, Tucker, to run off as he tells his mom Xavier is fun and she is not.

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