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January 11, 2017 at 09:56 AM EST

No Tomorrow

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Meanwhile, Xavier has discovered that if they launch a shuttle with two ion-beam shepherds (say what now?) in the next 11 days, the asteroid won’t collide with the earth. He’s just going to need $1.5 billion to get his plan in motion. It’s lucky that Evie’s boss just happens to be a billionaire with a passion for space tourism. To get close to Cory Casey, Xavier dresses up as his chauffeur and drives him around for the day. Noticing that Cory always takes a seemingly-random detour past a specific house every day, Xavier decides that figuring out the house’s significance will be the key to getting close to the billionaire and having him listen to his theory. He figures out that Cory’s teenage sweetheart used to live in the house, so he tracks her down and sets the pair up on a date. It works! Cory is so delighted that he hears Xavier’s theory and even sets him up to crash the head of NASA’s dinner date in Houston the next day to present it.

When Xavier gets back to his trailer he discovers an excited Evie packing all of his beanies so they can go on that trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights after all. In the end, Evie was the one to quit her job; she gave it to Kareema after she realized that Kareema’s true passion is helping others — even if she’d never actually admit it. But Xavier can’t go to Iceland right now because he has to get to Houston. Evie tells him that he doesn’t and shows him Professor Fields’ research that Sweet Tea brought her: His theory is wrong. Xavier sits down to read it, but he can’t accept it as truth. Evie tells him that once and for all he has to decide what’s more important to him: obsessing over the theory or their relationship. She heads off to the airport, saying she hopes he’ll meet her there.

As Xavier flips through pages of scary looking equations and graphs he reads the line “theta must be between zero and pi” (huh?) and realizes his math has been wrong all along. After saying “I’m wrong” 17 times with increasing relish, he finally exclaims it with joy. Now he can spend a lifetime with Evie — he better get to the airport stat! Only Jesse has other plans for him. Under the ruse of driving Xavier to the airport, he gives him some water laden with horse tranquilizer, (he’d bought as a backup tactic to get to Cory Casey) and now Xavier’s passing out and being driven to Houston instead. Jesse thinks Xavier’s the smartest person he knows and needs to have the NASA guy double-check that the theory is truly wrong. Taking off without Xavier, Evie’s plane jets right past a HUGE ASTEROID HEADING RIGHT TOWARD THE EARTH…

…Because Professor Fields lied! When Sweet Tea gets home, the professor is there and demanding his cooperation. She wants to know everything he knows about the theory. You see, she altered the math so that it won’t get further traction with the media, but in truth, the math is accurate. It’s a credible threat and she needs to talk to whomever came up with it immediately; the fate of the world might depend on it.

Will Xavier, NASA guy, and Fields be able to stop the asteroid in time? It’s the finale next week, so either we’ll find out then, or we’ll be left with a suspenseful season (series?) ending cliffhanger. My money’s on the latter.

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