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Nikita recap: Totally Nuts

Nikita uses unconventional methods in her war against a human-trafficking czar.

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Nikita Rough Lyndsey
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It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the road to Nikita’s revenge and redemption follows the same path as a twelve-step program. Last night she tackled the well-known “Make amends with those you’ve hurt in the past” step by revisiting some of her “Greatest Hits,” or rather her past missions where she killed someone (notice I typed “missions”). The first occurred six years ago, after she was “activated” by a “key card,” (because Division recruits are the equivalents of debit cards) which gave her access to the Outside World. Division gets creepier and creepier every week.

In a flashback — without a doubt, these looks to the past continue to be the most interesting aspect of the show — we saw Nikita in the home of Victor Han, an employee of Homeland Security who was important enough to keep bodyguards around his family at all times. Nikita acted as the Hans’ nanny, but soon learned that Victor was a double agent for Red Circle Triad, a slave-trafficking organization, and Division’s main target. Following orders, Nikita planted a bomb that left Victor Han dead (or so she thought), and left her with a heavy guilt trip ever since.

Once Nikita learned that — aha! — Victor Han was still alive (Division faked his death on an order from Red Circle Triad), she switched into kick-ass revenge mode, which was a relief, because I was worried things were headed for Schmaltzville. However, this whole bait-and-switch made it even more clear that Division is a smarmy group with no real backbone, moral conscience, or allegiance to anyone or anything. Michael’s decision to blindly follow Percy and the organization seems odd, so I was expecting a better answer when Nikita asked him why he always listened to the boss (is he is father? lover? accountant?). Nope, he just saved his life. Bo-ring.

Nikita hopped a plane to Hong Kong to confront Victor Han about Red Circle Triad’s use of slaves, but was intercepted at Customs by Victor’s men (even she is no match for an airport security line…or a taser. Yikes). Her pseudo-flirtatious conversation with Victor was all shades of gross:

Nikita: “I can’t believe I thought you were cute”

Victor Han: “I can’t believe I never had my way with you”

Nikita: “You couldn’t handle me, not then, not now.”

Victor Han: “Best thing about the slave business is that I can handle whatever I want.”  [Cue forced, uncomfortable kiss]

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