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New Girl recap: Suppress the Jess

Jess accompanied the guys to a wedding, primarily to buffer Nick from his ex. Still, try as they might, the guys couldn’t stifle Jess’s endless quirks and love of prop gags

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New Girl
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New Girl

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Wow, it’s like the show knew it would be the first new series picked up for the full season and decided to amp up the polarizing content as a subtle “You’re welcome” to fans and a not-so-subtle middle finger to detractors. Unfortunately, if this is the direction things are going, I think some of the former will soon become some of the latter. Suffice it to say Winston’s ushering wasn’t the only thing that “in yo’ face” about tonight’s episode.

The action took place at the wedding of two of the guys’ college friends. As you can imagine, the fellows gave Our Lady of Adorableness her marching orders: “Suppress the Jess.” And for that, they were fools. Jess is an unstoppable force, an unmanned and careening freight train of cuteness. This took place in ways that were at times funny (cutting off her DIY Spanx, a.k.a. little girl’s bicycle shorts, in the ladies’ room) and at others decidedly not funny (really, writers living in 2011? hillbilly teeth?)

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The guys had three very specific goals in mind: Winston hoped to distract people from his ouster from the Latvian NBA, only to be thwarted by a floppy-haired little moppet named Jimmy Longjam who was poised to claim his rightful position as alternate usher the second that Winston was late (and of course he was — look at the jokers he lives with). Oh yeah, and they had a dance-off which largely consisted of freaking on Jess. It traumatic for all involved (including me). On the upside, Jimmy proved it possible for someone to be more annoying than Jess for nearly 30 seconds this episode!

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