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Nashville recap: 'You're No Angel Yourself'

Maddie transforms from bratty teen to perfect angel after running away from a boring symphony gala

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“You’re No Angel Yourself” centered around Rayna (and Deacon’s!) daughter Maddie. As if being 13 and female and alive weren’t enough CRAP to handle, Maddie’s been having a rough time forgiving her mother after learning the truth about her biological dad. She’s being a complete beast to everyone, even the dead grandma she never met. (Happy birthday, tombstone.) Luckily her dad lives in her iPhone (that really was Charles Esten singing “A Life That’s Good,” by the way), so at least a gadget is getting a smile out of the tween terror.

That was some mighty cute symmetry tonight — having Maddie tentatively bond with Deacon from a distance, via the power of technology, at the beginning and end of the episode. It made her little duet with younger sister Daphne on one of Deacon’s old songs that much more impactful. Phones can put you in touch, but only live, acoustic, tear-jerking music can get to the heart of a person! Lennon and Maisy Stella’s performance was the best scene of the night, by far. Maddie hanging up the phone and then trying the new D-word out — “Dad!” — was a close second. My heart hurts so good right now. I think I need some “pain pills” a.k.a. large bowl of Halloween candy to my left.

As she lurks outside Maddie’s bedroom during “A Life That’s Good,” all Tami Taylor-style, Rayna’s soft smile conveys all sorts of possible emotions — pride in her daughter’s talent/maturity/ability to give up those thick red glasses, happiness for the mother-daughter reconciliation, sadness over Deacon, confidence that she was having a good hair day as usual, etc.

And then boom: fear and dread settle in as she tries to sing along and make it a real family affair. Rayna can’t sing. She can barely croak. We’ll see next week whether Rayna’s throat has healed….

Connie Britton’s boobs in that evening gown! (Deserve their own paragraph.)

Anyway, what really set Maddie off at the symphony benefit wasn’t the itchy dress or the gross caviar (she was being such a Josh Baskin at that party), but the large engagement ring Puh-lease Peggy was wearing as a necklace, despite Teddy’s request to keep the news quiet until he could tell his family.

Oh yeah. Teddy’s considering a congressional run, so these two got engaged. Ew!

“Are you doing this to avoid scandal or so we can be a family?” Peggy, puh-lease. Does it really matter?

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.44.21 PM

Teddy admits it’s because of both. That’s a hard yes on scandal. #ScandalABC.

Maddie freaks out and runs away from the gala, while Rayna calmly addresses the absurdity of the situation: “So you’re not here together, but you’re engaged.” Ha, perfect. Exactly. Dummies. Oh, one more thing. Peggy’s pregnant, Teddy says. He’s just trying to do right by her.

“Unbelievable,” mutters Rayna. (Listen to your ex-wife, Mr. Mayor!)

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