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Nashville series finale recap: Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday

Nashville finds some closure for the Jaymes family, Gunnar and Scarlett, and Will and Luke, but a giant cliffhanger leaves Juliette and Avery in limbo

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Oh boy. As it turns out, when your show is canceled two weeks before the finale there’s a good chance said finale is going to lack the emotional finality needed to be rewarding. Even more troublesome is that your series could end on a cliffhanger. Nashville sure did, and unless it gets picked up elsewhere, which seems pretty unlikely, we’ll forever be wondering about a certain plane and a certain blond singer. But, we’ve got a lot of finale to get to before that final moment, so let’s get to it!

The episode begins with Juliette doing her best impression of all of us: She’s at an Oscar party complaining that she just wants to go home. When Glenn informs her she still has other appearances to make, she asks if she can just wear pajamas. Juliette understands us all, and I’m going to miss her so much.

At the same time Juliette realizes that she’d rather be hanging with her family, so she asks Avery if he can come to L.A. with Cadence (and even Layla, if she wants) so that she can spend some time with her daughter. Of course, Layla isn’t too happy about the arrangement, and she goes in on Avery for even considering it. Don’t worry; things get much, much worse later.

For a little bit it looks like things might be looking up for the Exes. Scarlett has decided to tell Gunnar that she loves him. That never really goes over well on Nashville though, and as soon as she does it Autumn walks into the room and puts her hands all over Gunnar because apparently they’re a thing now. Gross. Autumn needs to go; time for a season change.

Meanwhile, Rayna, Deacon, and Daphne are in New York City for the benefit concert that we all forgot about and they’re all agonizing about how Maddie is only blocks away and yet they can’t see her. See, she’s in New York taking on her new recording project, working with some super popular producer named Vince Pierce. When Rayna finds out that he’s her producer, via Maddie’s Instagram, she flips.

As it turns out, Vince was Rayna’s producer when she was a teenager and he basically forced himself on her. She never spoke about it, other than to her manager who told her it was no big deal, but now she’s worried about Maddie getting put in the same position. Thus kicks off a fairly nuanced and deep look at sexism in the music industry and the culture at large. Considering Nashville‘s tendency to go big and dramatic, the nuance on display with this subplot is a nice touch.

As if that’s not enough drama for a finale, Juliette gets confronted by a single paparazzi and is asked about being on the roof when Jeff Fordham died. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this tactic before… if only we could place it. Oh yeah, that’s right, Layla is a ridiculous person who’s trying to destroy people’s lives, so she’s probably the one who tipped off the paparazzi. After all, nobody else really knew the truth.

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