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February 08, 2018 at 10:02 PM EST


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Meanwhile down at the ranch, Scarlett finally has a breakthrough with some teens who are impressed by her quasi-celebrity status. She sings for them as they brush horses. It’s very quaint, but she’s more interested in the stable owner Gail’s troubled nephew, Sean. Scar learns that he used to be so talented “he could’ve given John Mayer a run for his money,” but he’s since been to war and suffers from severe PTSD.

Always one to meddle, Scar goes home and watches a Facebook video of Sean performing with his high school best friend at their graduation. Later that night, she spots him out on the streets of Nashville drunkenly wandering alone. She follows him into an alleyway (apparently she’s forgotten that time she and Gunnar got mugged) and ends up taking him home to sleep it off after he takes a tumble into a pile of garbage.

Back at her place, Scar brings up the Facebook video and Sean gets anxious remembering his best friend he shared the stage with back then. Turns out he watched his “jaw get shot off” when they enlisted together, and because of the trauma Sean no longer plays music. He tries to leave, but she convinces him to spend the night on the couch after asking him, “Who does it help if you give up what you love?” The next morning Scarlett drives Sean back to the farm, where an unimpressed Gail is waiting. She later softens when they overhear him playing guitar and singing — and hopefully doing some healing. So many breakthroughs for Scarlett this week!

And that’s it for this episode! Will Juliette make it back next week? Will Avery be able to forgive her? I’d say it’s likely. We’ll find out soon enough.

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