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It’s the season finale, friends! I don’t blame you if you’re nervous after the harsh blow the midseason finale served us. Let’s find out if the remaining cast members fare any better.

We open the episode on an unlikely pairing: Deacon and Brad, Jessie’s evil ex. As if we didn’t have enough disdain for him already, the dude’s sitting there playing with a fidget spinner. (He’s over the age of 14, so this isn’t okay.) Oh, and he wants to buy Highway 65 if “Zacherberg” leaves. Okay, fine, I’ll give him props for coming up with a good nickname. Deacon is less impressed and tells Brad where he can stick his offer — he’s more polite about it than I would be. Deacon is all class in times of crisis.

Unfortunately, Zach isn’t messing around. Before long, he’s cut the power from the HW65 offices and cleaned out the bank accounts. Luckily, some HW65 assistant we’ve never seen before has the great suggestion to set up shop down at Tracks, the friendly neighborhood recording studio. All of the label’s artists, a.k.a the whole cast, are called in for a meeting at the new offices. Will arrives and informs everyone that he hasn’t been able to get ahold of Zach either and really doesn’t know what’s going on with him.

Then Kacey Musgraves shows up (!), and they all sit around singing, worries temporarily forgotten. Jessie also makes an appearance with food for everyone; she touches Deacon’s arm affectionately, which makes Daphne worry they’ll start “making music” together soon.

Somehow Gunnar (who’s back in town but hasn’t bothered to tell Scarlett — you can imagine she’s thrilled) manages to track down Zach, and Deacon heads off to confront him. Zach shares his little sob story, saying he’s spent all his life trying to be nice but he’s just been pushed too far at this point. Then he gets downright frightening: He warns Deacon that he NEVER loses and tells him now he’s going to watch as Zach holds the label down by the throat until every person involved comes to him begging for air. Deacon just says, “I never realized how small you were.” BOOM. He goes to walks out while Zach accuses him of thinking of the business as a chore and never really caring about it anyway.

Elsewhere, Juliette is dying from heat exhaustion since the A.C. in her home is broken (stars, they’re just like us!), so she naturally calls Avery and lets him know how miserable she is. While Avery tries to calm her down from his faraway tour bus, the flirty roadie from last week seductively eats ice cream and makes eyes at him. Mostly, Juliette is stressed because she has to attend a party for American Music Award nominees alongside Maddie.

Turns out, she had good reason to dread it. At the event, Deacon is suspicious as to why Maddie and Juliette are still not talking. Daphne tries to tell him to leave it alone, but then she somehow ends up telling him the whole ugly truth about Juliette stealing Maddie’s song. Realizing Deacon knows, Juliette tries to run away, but she’s wearing heels and he catches up to her in no time. Boy, is he mad. He tells her they’re supposed to be family. Jules tries to explain it was a horrible mistake, but Deacon is having none of it and tells her that if there’s still a label when the dust settles, she’s off of it. (Recap continues on page 2)

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