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'Nashville' recap: 'Three's a Crowd'

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Any episode of Nashville that starts with a cute tour montage is fine by me. Anything to jar this season out of its depressing tailspin is fine by me, actually. But seriously, when “Three’s a Crowd” opened on Gunnar, Scarlett, Erin, and the rest of the tour crew having fun on their bus, writing songs, playing catch, and stealing glances, I may have audibly cheered in my living room.

Scarlett and Gunnar are rolling into Charlotte for the next stop on their tour, but a kitchen fire in the venue they’ve booked has left them with a rare night off. While Gunnar and Erin choose to explore everything Charlotte has to offer — Erin seems to specifically have various bars in mind — Scarlett jumps at the chance to be spontaneous and heads to the airport to go to Nashville and spend time with Caleb.

When she arrives, though, popping in to see him at work and hoping to grab a quick lunch in the cafeteria, Caleb isn’t too excited. He’s super busy and doesn’t have time to go for lunch, but he tells her they’ll meet up at his place later and spend the whole night together. It’s not the reaction she’s hoping for, but it is somewhat understandable.

Meanwhile, Rayna is in a bit of a panic as Markus, ever the drama queen, has started scrapping songs from his record a week before it’s set for release. She has to rush off to the studio to see if they can find a song to put in at the last minute. Deacon plays the role of understanding husband for the time, but the look in his eyes says he’s not too happy.

When she gets to the studio, the two start going over some songs in the publisher’s database that haven’t been claimed, but after sifting through 40 options, Markus still can’t find anything that suits him. In walks Deacon to unknowingly save the day. Markus is excited to meet Deacon and asks if maybe he can hear some of his old demos and see if he can find one to record for his own album. Deacon is reluctant, but with Rayna on board, he jumps at the chance, if only to please her.

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While Markus is finding his final song, Will is trying to get his songwriting career off the ground. He meets with the publishers that gave their card to Avery, and they offer him a contract straight away. He’s ecstatic, especially when he learns that his song has already been claimed by a huge artist. He’s not as ecstatic when he learns that it’s country legend Wade Cole, the man who didn’t want to take a picture with Will at the launch party, presumably because of Will’s sexuality.

That leaves Will in a tough spot, something Luke knows a thing or two about. He’s sick of being ignored by Colt and wants to understand what the problem is. He thinks it’s about not spending enough time together. Um, Luke, do you remember when your son saw Jeff die and then nobody offered him any support or counseling? Yeah, that could have something to do with it.

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I’ve written 500 words and haven’t mentioned what a monster Maddie is yet. For shame! But seriously, she spends most of this episode laughing at Daphne and telling her that she’s stupid and ugly. Sure, they get a little make-up moment near the end of the episode, but can we maybe tone down her all-out attack on her own sister? It’s pretty brutal.

Back in the studio, Markus has finally decided on one of Deacon’s old songs. He absolutely adores it, but when he goes to record it, he changes a bit of the chorus. That causes Deacon to flip because this is Deacon. When Rayna sees him at home later and asks him about it, he totally loses it and goes on a rant about Markus wanting to have sex with Rayna and how Rayna is maybe leading him on. Nope, I’ll have none of this. Screw you, Deacon.

Of course, Rayna ends up forgiving him and moving on rather quickly. She sets some boundaries with Markus and then assures Deacon that he’s the only one for her. Deacon never even apologizes! What kind of bulls!@$ is that? He was so clearly in the wrong, and yet he gets off so easy, making Rayna feel bad for being a great producer. Again: Screw you, Deacon.

Meanwhile, Avery and Will are each struggling to get their careers going, and it causes them to blow up at each other. Avery has to turn down a live gig he booked so that he can cut a jingle for Diet Coke and land $3,000, so he has no sympathy for Will’s crisis, which is whether or not to work with Wade, a man who’s wife runs a “traditional family” foundation and who supported Prop 8. The worst part? Will actually accepts his offer. Let’s hope that’s just for now.

As for Colt and Luke, their bonding doesn’t go over so well. Luke tries to spend some time alone with his son, but a Forbes photo shoot interrupts them. Luke still doesn’t get that his son just wants him to be genuine and put him first for a little while, so he apologizes but goes on with the shoot anyway. And then he’s surprised when his son up and leaves to goes stay with his grandpa? Come on, Luke. That lack of attention to detail certainly won’t help you with your lifestyle brand.

As Colt and Luke grow apart, so do a few others. Scarlett does not have a good time with Caleb, and while his stress is understandable, the way he talks to Scarlett is so out of bounds. He runs down her career and insults her. Dump him now, Scarlett, that’s all I’ll say.

You can tell she’s thinking about Gunnar, too, but when she finds her way back to Charlotte, she sees him singing a fun song to Erin and having a good time with her. She seems pleased for them, and for Gunnar’s lack of writer’s block, but it doesn’t seem like that will last long. There are feelings lurking, that’s for sure.

Finally, just as the episode seems to be done with the drama for the week, Emily gets a call from Juliette. We don’t get to hear the actual conversation, just a confirmation that it’s Juliette. Hold on to your seats, folks.