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Nashville recap: Stop the World (And Let Me Off)

And that, my friend, is what we call closure.

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Several Nashville relationships are teetering the line of a pivotal make-it-or-break-it moment. This is good news for anyone who is weary of watching a record producer with terrible hair bounce a screaming baby while being emotionally abused by his country music artist wife. If Ross and Rachel taught us anything, it’s that people need closure. And boy, did we get some closure.

Juliette and Avery

One of the more annoying members of Juliette’s entourage welcomes her out of a drug-induced sleep. She hands Juliette a few pills and a mimosa — the breakfast of champions. Juliette sees her red-faced reflection in the mirror and immediately flushes the pills down the toilet. She’s ready to reach out to her husband, even though he is currently signing his name to divorce papers. 

Juliette kicks herself for thinking that there was something going on between Avery and Emily. She calls Emily to apologize and texts Avery with her new number, asking him if he can talk. This sends Avery over the edge. He’s not going to drop everything to be at her beck and call. Especially since he’s producing for Markus now. 

You remember Markus, right? He’s the dude who decided to become a country music artist, yet he has no clue about the genre or time management skills for that matter. He needs Avery. Unfortunately, when he sees Avery on the phone talking to his lawyer, he becomes an obnoxious famous person and later fires Avery for “talking on the phone like a girl.” Also, it’s best if you keep your mouth shut while Markus is working. He probably only drinks the water with the special electrolytes too. Before Avery’s blood has a chance to start boiling at that “keep your mouth shut” comment, Markus fires him. CLOSURE. 

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Meanwhile, Juliette learns that she has no memory of Avery calling to tell her that the baby was sick. She fires everyone around her and rushes to the jet to head to Nashville. She runs into Avery just as she’s leaving. She throws her arms around her husband and apologizes for everything she’s done. Avery asks for a divorce and full custody of the baby. CLOSURE AGAIN. 

Deacon and Scarlett

It’s time to clean out Beverly’s house, and Deacon is there to make sure Scarlett doesn’t toss out anything sentimental since she has a habit of throwing things away. Ouch. Scarlett is unable to bounce back from Deacon’s blatant dig on her ending her mother’s life. She melts down and leaves the house. Deacon receives a call later from the local bartender. Scarlett is drowning her troubles away, telling anyone who will listen about her unforgiving uncle. Deacon scoops her up, lets her sleep off the hangover, and apologizes for not being there for her when she made the hardest decision of her life. Both are extremely emotional, but soon cradle each other in a hug. I cried a little bit too. Not only was it sad, but Scarlett’s shortalls brought a tear to my eye. CLOSURE. 

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