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Nashville recap: It's Sure Gonna Hurt

It’s the war of the couples as Avery and Juliette silently feud, Scarlett comes to a realization, and Rayna and Deacon head to therapy

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There’s only one episode left in this season of Nashville, and with the news of ABC canceling the show, it certainly changes how we view these past few weeks. The show is more disjointed and messy than ever, and there isn’t much time for the show to end on a satisfying note, especially with the finale already filmed and ready to air. Nashville could end up somewhere else (it’s not likely, though), but for now, all we have are these last few episodes. So let’s get to it!

“It’s Sure Gonna Hurt” picks up with Luke making an appearance on The View, and it’s the start of the episode’s best subplot as Luke and Will continue to get the most interesting material week after week. Luke once again jumps to Will’s defense, but that kicks off a chain of events that nobody sees coming and calls Will’s relative silence into question.

Meanwhile, Scarlett and Gunnar still can’t see that their life is a romantic comedy and that they’re destined to be with one another, so they’re still not talking to each other. That allows for both of them to go their separate ways when Scarlett takes off for the headphones commercial she agreed to do and Autumn invites Gunnar on a trip to meet Elton John. Apparently Autumn knows every single white male musician from the ’70s. I’m looking forward to Gunnar meeting Paul Simon next week.

Nashville doesn’t have too many couples doing too well right now. Rayna and Deacon have booked a whole day of therapy, both as a couple and as individuals, while Avery sees that Noah has decided to stay in town with Juliette, and that makes him feel all sorts of jealous things. Of course, Layla isn’t too happy to see it bothering him, but Layla hardly ever seems to be happy these days, mostly because no one seems to care about her at all. Hard to blame the girl. (Side note: Are we getting to any revelations about Jeff sometime soon? I sure hope they address it in the finale.)

At their therapy session, both Rayna and Deacon go on about how magnetic their relationship is. Rayna describes it as “inevitable,” as if the two have no choice but to be together, and Deacon calls Rayna his “everything.” It’s nice to see those two be vulnerable and honest, but there’s no guarantee they can fix what’s wrong with their relationship, especially with Maddie still out of the picture and the family fractured.

Speaking of fractures (nailed it!), Luke gets a call from a hospital in Fort Benning saying that Colt’s been injured in an accident. When Luke shows up at the hospital, his dad fills him in on what happened. He says Colt got jumped because Luke’s been defending Will in the media. Luke’s father isn’t one to mince words, so he just straight up blames Luke for what happened to Colt. Solid parenting there.

Back at therapy, the doctor only has one suggestion for the unhappy country couple. He says that Deacon needs to learn to unburden himself of his guilt in regard to his actions when he was an alcoholic, and Rayna needs to begin taking steps toward forgiveness and tearing down the emotional wall she’s built up. Back at the house, though, Deacon isn’t so sure. He thinks he’s nothing but a bad part of Rayna’s life, and it looks like he might leave just to give her some peace.

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