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Nashville recap: Baby Come Home

Maddie continues her standoff with her parents while Layla, Juliette, Avery, Scarlett, and Gunnar get wrapped up in all sorts of feelings

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Well, the honeymoon couldn’t last long. After a few weeks of relative normalcy on Nashville, “Baby Come Home” sees relationships and business partnerships staring to spiral out of control. Maddie continues to be swayed by Cash; Layla, Avery, and Juliette are stuck in a love triangle; and Scarlett and Gunnar are getting drunk and maybe doing things they’ll regret. Nashville, baby!

At the James household, there’s the sense of normalcy despite the fact that Maddie is still living with Cash. Southern Living magazine is there to shoot the whole family, but Bucky keeps things focused on Rayna and Deacon in light of the situation. Here’s the problem, though: The situation is only getting worse. As the photographer leaves, Rayna gets a delivery. It’s a summons to appear in court in two days for Maddie’s emancipation hearing. It looks like she’s really going through with it.

Meanwhile, Juliette and Layla are about to kill each other. Okay, I don’t know if it’ll actually come to that, but Juliette is back on stage on Luke’s tour, and Layla is looking on from side-stage like she has murder on her mind. We shall see.

Things aren’t so good between Scarlett and Gunnar, either. As the episode kicks off, Scarlett is still under the impression that Gunnar slept with her idol, so she’s giving him the cold shoulder, even when Will calls to let them know they’re on the radio in Nashville. C’mon, Scarlett, you at least have to celebrate that!

Relationships are flourishing elsewhere, though! First, there’s Luke continually standing up for Will. He’s organized a showcase for the radio programmers so that they can hear Will’s single and consider it for airplay. Then there’s Avery and Layla, who have a late-night meeting in the tour bus to work on a song and end up kissing! It totally happened. It was on my screen, and I saw it, and it was cute. That is all.

Meanwhile, with Maddie’s court date in two days, Deacon gets some bad news. He has no sway in the hearings because Teddy is still considered her legal guardian. That means that Rayna has to plead her case to her ex-husband and get him to sign an affidavit saying he agrees with her. But, of course, Maddie has organized a visit with him, too, and plans to plead her own case. Kids these days, am I right?

About halfway through the episode, everything starts heating up. After Scarlett confronts Gunnar about sleeping with Autumn, he tells her the truth, including how he’d never do anything to jeopardize their band or friendship. Just as they make up, in an elevator no less, a blackout hits their area and they get stuck in the lift. I smell a rom-com setup!

Then there’s Avery and Layla. They meet the next morning after their kiss, and Layla makes sure to put her feelings out there. Avery admits that he likes her, too, but that things are too complicated and they should keep their relationship as it is. Layla can’t help but vocalize her disappointment, though, saying that she’ll respect his wishes but that she’s upset because she thought they had something real.

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