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Nashville recap: 'You're Looking at Country'

Rayna cleans up at the CMAs much to the jealousy of her future husband while Avery and Juliette’s relationship and confidence in their future parenting grows stronger.

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Some of country music’s biggest stars stopped by Nashville for the series’ fictional version of the CMA Awards, where Rayna and her hair dominated the proceedings, much to the jealousy of her soon-to-be husband. It was a night all about the couples as Ruke tackled issues about their financial and emotional future, and meeting Avery’s parents actually helped secure his and Juliette’s confidence in themselves and each other as future parents to their little baby girl. That’s right they’re having a girl. But more on them later.

We also finally saw big strides in pretty much every other couple on the series. The couple-driven plotlines were not a surprise this week as “You’re Looking at Country” was written by playwright Geoffrey Nauffts, who made a name for himself for writing the brilliant show Next Fall, about a relationship between two men, one being religious and devout and the other an atheist. Unfortunately unlike the play, most of the relationships addressed on Nashville felt incomplete long after the last fictional CMA Award was given out. But I guess that’s the price you pay when writing for a series.

Most of the episode flipped between the goings-on of the awards show and Deacon and Scarlett’s living room as the uncle-niece combo watched the telecast (despite Deacon’s initial unwilling attitude). From the word go, Rayna and Luke’s tension was obvious. While getting ready for the awards show, Rayna discovered Luke’s prenup; and despite his noble efforts to ignore talking about the important marital document, Rayna kept bringing the subject back up from their limo ride, to right after their red carpet interviews, and even during the awards show itself. In her opinion, the prenup is unnecessary, in Luke’s he just didn’t want to get taken for everything like he did with his first wife. (Plus, isn’t a prenup standard with celebrity couples?)

Before stepping onto the red carpet, Rayna and Luke decide together that everything either one of them earns is 50/50 between them, but that notion doesn’t necessarily stick the first time it’s said. Is anyone else worried that if Rayna and Luke actually go through with the wedding, that Luke will take Rayna for everything if they get divorced? His actions later in the episode sure seem that way. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

The new makeshift family of Gunnar, Zoey, and Micah also faced some stressful moments while getting ready for the awards (Gunnar was nominated) as Gunnar revealed he still hadn’t heard from Kylie and was trying to reach out to her parents. But while Zoey was still uncomfortable with her new role as replacement mom to Micah, Gunnar sure seemed pretty comfortable with the idea of keeping Micah on a much less temporary basis.

And finally Will gave Layla a much-needed pep talk before their trip to the CMAs, but the mood was definitely still tense when Will and Layla stepped out onto the carpet answering questions about their reality show and Will’s nomination. Layla, clearly still distressed and angry about being portrayed as an idiot on the couple’s reality show, overcompensated for her supposed stupidity by attempting to fix a red carpet reporter’s word choice in his question to her. Yeah, because now you sound quite scholarly Layla. That’s what changed everyone’s minds.

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