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Nashville recap: 'I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life'

Basically everyone throws a fit about their lives with the exception of bride-to-be Rayna James.

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Nashville Recap
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Is anyone happy on Nashville right now? It seems like pretty much every character is in the midst of a breakdown, tantrum, or highly stressful moment on the ABC series. Even the two happiest people in the whole city are dealing with pre-marital issues well beyond the normal couple.

After planning monster tours that have almost no overlapping dates, Rayna and Luke come together for photos, a few jabs at social media, and a new couple nickname: Ruke. The couple prefer to be called Layna, but they’ll have to pull a Benedict Cumberbatch and learn the hard way that when it comes nicknames, fans make the ultimate choice. You win Cumberbitches. Ruke, as they will henceforth be called, also meet with Luke’s huge multi-person team and Rayna’s… Bucky, to plan when the couple will finally get married. The team comes up with two dates: summer 2016 and the first weekend of November, only a few weeks away. Naturally Luke wants to get married as quickly as possible because apparently “the ranch looks real pretty in the fall.” Imagine that sentence with Luke’s accent, which is a perfect blend of classy redneck. Will Chase was born to play this part.

While one-half of Ruke is completely on board, Rayna is hesitant. Neither of the two dates are the most ideal for her, but of course if she has to accept one or the other, she’ll go with sooner rather than later. Did anyone else hope we’d be seeing a Runaway Bride moment later in the season? Sadly my dreams for a Julia Roberts/Richard Gere movie reenactment are dashed at the moment (it would have been so perfect—Rayna already has the perfect hair!) as the couple stay pretty strong throughout the episode.

Back in the crazy world of Juliette Barnes, the young singer turned soon-to-be movie star is having quite the bout of morning sickness. We first see her locked in a bathroom hurling while trying to call Avery but continuing to get his voicemail. She leaves him the most uncomfortable message of all time complete with an interruption, pills falling all over the floor, and more hurling. Sexy imagery for the new ex-boyfriend. Juliette even attempts to go to Avery’s house to tell him about his future baby-daddy status later in the episode, but she chickens out of her prepared speech when she sees him stumble out of a random woman’s car. Juliette’s manager and her assistant Emily are convinced that Juliette’s taking after her mother and is abusing drugs of some kind, but Juliette insists that her bad and missed rehearsals and her frequent trips to the restroom are not addict-related. Fat chance they believe her, but they can’t say anything at the moment as Juliette threatens their jobs, a standard practice for the young singer.

Next up is Maddie and Deacon. The daughter and father relationship is getting better and better as the pair decide that during Deacon’s one free weekend off, they’ll go fishing at his cabin with no other distractions from anyone. When she leaves his house, Maddie turns to Deacon and tells him “I love you, dad.” He reciprocates the feeling, and it’s quite possibly the sweetest moment of the episode. Maddie later finds out that her mother’s wedding happens to be the same weekend as her cabin retreat with dear old dad, and the young teen confronts her mother about not choosing Deacon.

Rayna very obviously gets upset with Deacon for telling their daughter the truth and goes to his house to scold him about his slip up. I’m not entirely sure why Rayna felt the need to go to Deacon’s house for the confrontation, but hey, I’ll take as many Rayna and Deacon scenes as I can get. They’re getting a bit too few and far between for my liking.

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