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'Nashville' recap: 'Time Changes Things'

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Mark Levine/ABC


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Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Charles Esten
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I’d like to clear the air immediately—we do not see the new couple, Will and Kevin for the duration of this episode. Let’s take a minute to ourselves and then dive right in!

Act One: You didn’t even know how much bad news there could be…

Deacon is dad, Rayna is high-powered-record-label-exec-mom-en-route-to-NYC-but-not-really, and they’re chatting on the phone. Deacon dropped the kid’s off at school and thinks Rayna is about to touch down in New York, but really Rayna is headed to see Beverly. The thing is, Beverly does not want to see Rayna, and it’s not because she can’t bear to hear about Deacon. No, it’s because, as we learn over the course of Rayna following her around town, visiting her workplace, and checking out her live performance, Beverly doesn’t resent Deacon—Rayna is the problem.

Through a series of flashbacks we see that Deacon and Beverly were the first duo (we also get to see the moment Deacon first saw Rayna, she was in the audience of his show) and when Rayna offered them spots in her band, Deacon (drunkenly) said “yes” as quick as Beverly said “no.”

Avery shows up to Juliette’s band rehearsal mad because a) Juliette left without waking anyone or telling anyone where she was going b) Avery is in the band and has to hear about the rehearsals in order to show up for rehearsals, and as we already knew, c) because Juliette has absolutely no interest in this family it would seem. He tells her she can have it all, it lands absolutely nowhere near her head or her heart. Unfortunately, the band rehearsal in contention is called to a halt because Bucky needs to explain to Juliette that as she hasn’t performed in about a year and when she was last performing she couldn’t even sell out arenas then… well, she can’t expect a promoter to book her in one now. This goes over as well as you might think. She’s yelling and scheming, and this will not be the end of Juliette Barnes!

Luke is shirtless on a balcony (why haven’t I pictured this before?) at Jade’s in Los Angeles. Jade, in a fantastic house dress, is planning a party that has Luke feeling his age. Can’t we get a moment alone? When they do, they have a great time—let me be clear, it makes me half-happy and half-ill—but Jade is wrapped up in “the scene” and it just isn’t Luke’s.

Speaking of scenes and being wrapped up, Layla wants in. She’s on tour, apparently she killed it at the Staples Center and now she’s dragging Jeff shopping for something to wear to Jade’s party. Jeff takes this news as well as Juliette took hers.

Gunnar’s door has also been darkened—Kylie is on the front porch looking for Micah. (Honestly, you didn’t call home?) Gunnar tells her to get out of town or at least off his porch and rushes off for a radio interview with Scarlett. He tells Scarlett what’s going on, she’s appropriately concerned, but when she wants to take him for coffee after to chat, he turns her down. Just because she has plans to go a hospital staff dinner at the country club with Dr. Caleb later, Gunnar can’t even handle her offer of comfort? These two… (Great performance though! Their singing will never get old.)

NEXT: A dad finds his daughter just the way his daughter doesn’t want her dad to find her…


Deacon stops by his house, and there’s someone in the back bedroom and let’s just rip this band-aid off really quickly: It’s Maddie. With Colt. In the bedroom. Not a ton of clothes. Colt screams “It’s not her fault! Maddie didn’t even want to!” which doesn’t sit well with me, while realistic, I’d hate for them to make Colt back into a punk when he just became a real QT. Deacon drives Maddie back to Rayna’s. They say nothing to each other, Maddie goes up to cry in her room and, well, Juliette stops by and Deacon tells her…everything.

Juliette offers to go chat with Maddie. At first I’m all, “Hey that’s Rayna’s kid—get out of there!” and a little “Stop pretending like you guys never had a thing in Season 1 this should be a little awkward!” but then I end up with “Juliette, that’s a really good offer.” It is a good offer—girls want to hear things from their friends and Juliette can still walk that line with Maddie. She tells her to wait until she’s sure (nope, Maddie and Colt did not go all the way) and in return, Maddie tells Juliette she’ll be a good mom.

Remember when Deacon went on that bender of telling everyone about his illness? Juliette somehow got left off the tour. So when she mentions that Deacon doesn’t owe her because she’ll probably need his help in 15 years with her own kid, Deacon realizes he’s got to sit Juliette down. Fifteen years is looking highly unlikely at this point.

Ah yes, Teddy. Natasha calls him and squeals on how she basically set him up. It’s not long before he’s digging for his passport in his sock drawer and figuring out how to say goodbye to the girls. Before Natasha hung up, she asked for Teddy’s forgiveness. IN. WHAT. WORLD. NATASHA? Teddy calls Deacon and asks if he can pick the girls up from school. Deacon didn’t promise not to tell Rayna in his awesome dad-talk with Maddie (“As much as we both hate this moment, I gotta admit I’m pretty glad I’m here to have it with you”), but he isn’t about to throw it all at Teddy—Maddie is home sick, but sure grab Daphne! Teddy takes Daphne for ice cream after school and when he drops her at Rayna’s to join Deacon and Maddie, he gives Maddie a matching necklace to go with one he just gave Daphne. Long, long glance at the girls before he goes.

The thing with Jade’s party is that it a) doesn’t look fun and b) Jeff and Luke are miserable and c) see a. Layla is working a certain hot young actor, Sullivan Fitzgerald but is stopped from posting a photo from Jade: “What happens at Jade’s has to stay at Jades’.” Sorry, I think I hear Jeff puking somewhere. Luke gets a call from Deacon explaining everything that happened, and Luke heads to pack his bags.

When Jade finds him packing, she immediately thinks it’s about her and while Luke explains that it’s about his son needing him—okay, yeah, it’s also about her. Two different worlds. He’s just a cowboy from Kentucky. She’s just Jade St. John. I really don’t want Jade/XTina to leave, but I really also don’t want them to be together. (Am I blinded by jealousy?)

NEXT: Some are drawn closer, and some are pushed away…


Act Two: When good people fight bad news by striking deals.

So when Gunnar got home, Kylie actually didn’t leave. Gunnar explains how he knows the baby is Jason’s and how could she do that to him and—well, it turns out she didn’t know that. Jason raped her. A lot of ice in Gunnar melts. Scarlett, meanwhile has been calling “a friend” (you get that it’s Gunnar, right?) from her county club function and can’t stand that she hasn’t heard back from him. After the dinner, she says she has to go where she’s needed and splits off from Caleb.

When she gets to Gunnar’s and sees that Kylie is still there, she’s understandably protective, but suddenly they’re just yelling about whose more judgmental and how they both came from nothing. Gunnar accuses Scarlett of climbing up on a high horse, dating a doctor, and heading to the country club, while Scarlett yells about how he’s so willing to let others drag him down. These two… (part 2).

Juliette has a plan and all it requires is a helicopter. And lights! And a rooftop! A good dress, doesn’t hurt either! She stages an impromptu concert in downtown Nashville and people start flocking over. When the concert gets shut down (agh, permits) she and Avery race off for the elevators and Juliette is—well she’s in a good mood. They have some mommy-and-daddy time. When they get home, Juliette can’t understand why Emily is at the house and Avery asks, “Who did you think was watching our baby all day?” WHO JULIETTE? WHO? Avery tells her to meet him in the nursery so they can go say hi. Juliette’s long glance at him after he’s walked away is concerning.

Rayna has told Beverly everything—about how desperate the situation is, about how she is out of other options—and eventually Beverly makes it clear that all she cares about is the chip on her shoulder Rayna dug every time she sold a record, or a million records. Well speaking of a million, Rayna writes her a check for $1,000,000. Please let this work.

Layla is MAKING OUT WITH SULLIVAN “SULLY” FITZGERALD IN FRONT OF JEFF? Also she is very drunk. She tells Jeff he should go work the party too because they both need this. After she’s done with Sully, or is at the very least ready to go home, Jeff is picking up her bag and everything else she’s dropped while attempting to walk and sees her phone. He tweets the photo from Jade’s house that Jade said not to tweet. I’m honestly not even mad at him because I’m having such a hard time with Layla right now.

Kylie gets hung up on by Micah, and Gunnar offers her support. Then he offers to go make up a bed for her. “I really did love you, you know that, right?” She calls after him. He reciprocates. Kylie, you do not have time to fix this relationship there is a 10-year-old who needs his mother. Scarlett meanwhile headed back where she was wanted, Caleb’s. He’s cute as a button, isn’t he?

Colt picks Luke up from the airport (Nashville missed you Luke!) and when Luke is explaining to his son that all men make mistakes, Colt stops him—Maddie isn’t a mistake, dad, but I’m guessing Jade was? So that was wise, because Jade was a mistake, but I wonder if he’s actually just trying to call his dad out for always making everything about himself?

And just as Teddy is about to skip town, his good buddy for the U.S. Attorney’s office—who just so happened to be his best man—shows up and he wants to strike a deal that will get Teddy out of hot water. (No word yet on what it will have Teddy getting into.)