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Nashville recap: Time Changes Things

It’s time for everybody to grow up–except maybe Juliette?

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Mark Levine/ABC


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Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Charles Esten
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I’d like to clear the air immediately—we do not see the new couple, Will and Kevin for the duration of this episode. Let’s take a minute to ourselves and then dive right in!

Act One: You didn’t even know how much bad news there could be…

Deacon is dad, Rayna is high-powered-record-label-exec-mom-en-route-to-NYC-but-not-really, and they’re chatting on the phone. Deacon dropped the kid’s off at school and thinks Rayna is about to touch down in New York, but really Rayna is headed to see Beverly. The thing is, Beverly does not want to see Rayna, and it’s not because she can’t bear to hear about Deacon. No, it’s because, as we learn over the course of Rayna following her around town, visiting her workplace, and checking out her live performance, Beverly doesn’t resent Deacon—Rayna is the problem.

Through a series of flashbacks we see that Deacon and Beverly were the first duo (we also get to see the moment Deacon first saw Rayna, she was in the audience of his show) and when Rayna offered them spots in her band, Deacon (drunkenly) said “yes” as quick as Beverly said “no.”

Avery shows up to Juliette’s band rehearsal mad because a) Juliette left without waking anyone or telling anyone where she was going b) Avery is in the band and has to hear about the rehearsals in order to show up for rehearsals, and as we already knew, c) because Juliette has absolutely no interest in this family it would seem. He tells her she can have it all, it lands absolutely nowhere near her head or her heart. Unfortunately, the band rehearsal in contention is called to a halt because Bucky needs to explain to Juliette that as she hasn’t performed in about a year and when she was last performing she couldn’t even sell out arenas then… well, she can’t expect a promoter to book her in one now. This goes over as well as you might think. She’s yelling and scheming, and this will not be the end of Juliette Barnes!

Luke is shirtless on a balcony (why haven’t I pictured this before?) at Jade’s in Los Angeles. Jade, in a fantastic house dress, is planning a party that has Luke feeling his age. Can’t we get a moment alone? When they do, they have a great time—let me be clear, it makes me half-happy and half-ill—but Jade is wrapped up in “the scene” and it just isn’t Luke’s.

Speaking of scenes and being wrapped up, Layla wants in. She’s on tour, apparently she killed it at the Staples Center and now she’s dragging Jeff shopping for something to wear to Jade’s party. Jeff takes this news as well as Juliette took hers.

Gunnar’s door has also been darkened—Kylie is on the front porch looking for Micah. (Honestly, you didn’t call home?) Gunnar tells her to get out of town or at least off his porch and rushes off for a radio interview with Scarlett. He tells Scarlett what’s going on, she’s appropriately concerned, but when she wants to take him for coffee after to chat, he turns her down. Just because she has plans to go a hospital staff dinner at the country club with Dr. Caleb later, Gunnar can’t even handle her offer of comfort? These two… (Great performance though! Their singing will never get old.)

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