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Nashville recap: 'How Far Down Can I Go'

Will’s album reaches No. 1, but Layla is less than pleased, and Juliette deals with her Patsy Cline audition and a secret pregnancy.

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Y’all, real talk time. Watching Nashville is just exhausting. Nothing ever stays the same long enough for people to feel one particular emotion about these godforsaken characters. And Juliette’s pregnancy, Will’s closet troubles, and Rayna’s engagement keep rattling the cages more than a dog in heat.

Rayna is flying high for the time being as her album is No. 1, she’s picked a guy to marry who’s chock-full of delightfully confusing Southern sayings (you’ll see what I mean later), and she’s starting her tour soon. At the moment, things are just getting better and better for the country superstar.

Aaand then there’s Deacon, who looks like a less eloquent word for excrement, thanks to Rayna’s rejection. He really only makes an effort to do anything when Scarlett tries to talk him out of his funk and even then he briefly takes his pathetic gaze off of a window in his house to look over at his niece and make a short, slightly rude but completely harmless and endearing comment, “You’re a pain in my ass. And I don’t know why I came back to Nashville, but I’m glad you did.”

Why was young Scarlett back in the Nashville picture? Well first of all, who actually believed she would leave? But clearly she was only convinced by former beau turned probable future beau Gunnar, who at that very moment was telling his girlfriend to move in with him. And she didn’t really seem to be all that interested in the request. Who else completely forgot Zoey existed last week? That’s probably not a great sign for the Juliette Barnes back-up singer as she deals with her ex-boyfriend moving on without her and not having the information that she’s got tiny little Avery or little Jeff growing in her belly. Juliette is not telling a soul about the possible pregnancy because, you know, ew, but she is hoping to get the whole situation “taken care of” if you catch my quotational drift.

Meanwhile Will gets the news that he has dethroned the Queen herself, his album has beaten Rayna and is currently on the top of the Country charts. Delivering the great information is Will’s wife Layla, who is in no way looking to forgive her husband for his shocking revelation last week. If anything, she’s even more pissed off and betrayed. Guess getting blackmailed into staying married to a homosexual man who didn’t tell you his secret before your wedding all for the sake of cameras is not something she can get over. What a surprise, seems relatively simple to comprehend and appreciate.

Juliette is questioning her pregnancy as she and Avery were always, in her words, “so careful.” And the only time she ever had unprotected sex was, you obviously guessed it, with slimeball of the century Jeff Fordham. That’s the very same Jeff Fordham who immediately makes a memorable appearance in the episode at a board meeting that seemed to be called specifically to kick his butt into high gear about Edgehill’s dwindling album sales. Fordham is asked if he has a problem with women as pretty much all of the country singers on Edgehill’s roster are men.

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