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'Nashville' recap: 'Nobody Knows But Me'

Christina Aguilera’s arrival brings even more family and relationship drama.

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Ladies and gentlemen, XTina has arrived! And she has crazy, pink Katy Perry hair! Madison Vain has wonderfully taken over the reins as your regular Nashville recapper, but I just couldn’t resist getting back in the soapy, addictive ring another time to recap Wednesday night’s episode. So let’s delve right in and to keep Madison’s new tradition alive by first summing up the episode, shall we?

In Sum: “Nobody Knows But Me” sees Christina Aguilera’s arrival to the series, Juliette facing serious issues about motherhood and her career, Gunnar continuing to be obnoxious and depressing about Scarlett, and many other terribly dramatic story lines that are just so terribly dramatic. But isn’t all this why we love Nashville so very much? (That and seeing Connie Britton’s “stupid, perfect hair” from week to week, but I digress.)

From the very start of the episode, it was clear that Juliette was having a difficult time being a new mother and not being able to jump-start her career. She was constantly angry with Avery for leaving to do shows and interviews with his band. While she was stuck with baby Cadence for weeks, she couldn’t get his help to co-write a song for her on-hiatus Patsy Cline film, and she can’t understand why it’s taking so long for her to get back to work. She promises a post-credits song for the Patsy Cline film to the producers in 24 hours, and her anger even takes over a writing session with Deacon. Though to be fair, Deacon’s got a lot on his plate emotionally himself, so he wasn’t really that much of a help. Could Juliette be going through postpartum depression? She doesn’t seem to be able to connect to Cadence, and the whole situation feels so uncomfortably real and anxiety-inducing. If Juliette is having these emotional issues, I’m both astounded by the series going this route with her story line and proud of them for addressing something that happens all the time in the real world. Or maybe something else is going on since Juliette was having some angry, emotional breakdowns before Cadence was born. (Readers/Commenters: I’m interested to see if you guys have any thoughts on this particular part of the episode.)

While trying to convince Deacon to move into her home, Rayna is still having trouble with Maddie shutting her and Deacon out after revealing he has cancer. Rayna tries and tries to bond with Maddie, she attempts to buy her time by offering to get tickets to Christina St. Pink Hair—excuse me, Jade St. John’s concert, but Maddie very clearly lies to get out of spending time with her. Deacon also attempts to get his relationship back with Maddie through donuts, but she refuses. Seriously though, who says no to a chocolate-glazed donut?

So what exactly has Maddie been up to? Apparently she’s spending time locking lips quite often with her once upon a time, almost step-brother-turned-boyfriend Colt, who’s back living with Luke at “the ranch.” I know we’ve seen Luke’s place many times, but doesn’t anyone else still get an ominous feeling when they call the place “the ranch”? Anyway, Rayna attempts to confront Maddie about lying to her, especially now that Luke told her Colt and Maddie’s relationship is basically Facebook official. But Maddie pulls her signature teenage brat move by telling Rayna she doesn’t respect her, that she knows Rayna hates Colt, and that she won’t speak to Rayna about anything in her life. I’m with Rayna—I would have grounded her ass and made her miss the concert, too.

Speaking of Pink Haired Christina Aguilera’s concert, Layla and Jeff talk about how Bucky is on her to sign a manager and what are to be her next steps in the industry. And Layla comes up with quite the obvious solution: She should just open for Jade St. John! Because that’s just so easy to do in the real world. Lucky jerks, all of them. Fortunately for Layla but unfortunately for Jeff, Jade and Jeff have a history. It’s a history that looks to just be a common one of Jeff getting the boot after a romance and/or business deal gone wrong, but apparently Jade and Jeff were engaged at one point in time. In fact, it seems Jeff’s heart was the one that got broken when Jade left him and his label for greener, much less douchey pastures. Jeff confronts Jade with the proposal, and she agrees if Jeff can introduce Jade to Luke Wheeler. Luke says no, and yet Jeff and Layla still get their way.

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