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'Nashville' recap: 'I Can't Keep Away From You'

Rayna and Deacon bite a few bullets and then a bullet bites someone else.

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Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Charles Esten
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In sum, Deacon and Rayna finally get over themselves and Gunner stares at Scarlett. Like… a lot. 

Act One: In which everyone’s angsty…

Deacon: “I’m sorry baby.”

Rayna: “I’m sorry I hit you.”

Deacon: “Nah, I’m sorry.”

It starts so gently, Deacon and Rayna holding each other, feeling the world as it crumble. Beware, this does not last, we’re in for a day with these two. 

Cut to Layla, waking from her hangover on the couch, to a surly phone call from Jeff asking/telling/mainly telling her she’s got an interview she can’t be late for. For the girl who once sat in Rayna James’ office for like nine hours, her desire to push the interview back so she can sleep seems uncharacteristic. 

The Triple X’s (they’re not actually all exes, they are two of Scarlett’s exes) are out on tour with Rascal Flatts, official enough to set up a band Twitter—which has Scarlett just flummoxed, and while I appreciate Scarlett’s consistency of doe-eyedness, her inability to understand a Twitter profile is grating—in between it all, there’s Gunnar casting lovelorn glances at Scarlett. Maybe it’s me that’s angsty, but while I was sad when they broke up, him falling back for her feels really unnatural. 

Will records a beautiful ballad (“I’m a story that I don’t know how to tell”). Kevin, a beautiful songwriter who has shown absolutely no interest in Will makes Will shirk at his touch. Finally a human acts normally and Kevin is offended. 

Rayna’s laying against Deacon and I wonder how long she’s been there. In a conversation that’s heavy on sweetie’s and baby’s, Deacon mentions alternative medicine and Scarlett’s ability for research (I suppose other websites do not present the confusion that Twitter does for her) and somewhere in Rayna’s support he snaps. He hurls decades worth of resentment at her—You chose Teddy! You didn’t tell me about Maddie! You said ‘Yes’ to Luke!—and while I get that tensions are running high and he’s feeling vulnerable, this doesn’t bode well for them as a potential couple. 

At this point in the episode Sadie and Luke have the most awkward conversation, ever. I need this segment to end. But they’re also staring at each other in a way that makes me wildly uncomfortable, please don’t let them become a thing—there have to be other people in this town! 

Layla is five minutes late (but the interviewer is late-r!) and Jeff is hot under the collar for it. I accept that relationships with large age-ranges exist. I accept that relationships with a heavy imbalance of “power” exist. What I can’t accept is that two people who haven’t actually gotten along in a long time, would consider pursuing a relationship (this is not a rough patch, this is how it is between them)—who would want this? 

Kevin quits his working relationship with Will. I’ve no desire to see Will isolated, but Kevin is right on this one. 

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