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'Nashville' recap: 'That's The Way Love Goes'

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Well, if you were expecting the epic Rayna and Deacon lovers reunion to look like this or like this, do I have some completely opposite news for you. The reunion didn’t deliver nearly as much as the episode’s promo promised, but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s better that we didn’t see these two running toward each other in slow motion or just kissing their problems away, though can you imagine Ray’s beautiful, majestic golden mane billowing in the wind as she runs toward Deacon? Damn, now I regret everything. Instead, we got real emotion from Rayna as Deacon finally told her he had cancer. She gave him one good slap across the face, and then instantly fell into his arms sobbing. 

So how exactly did Rayna and Deacon’s possible return to romance even come into conversation? Rayna’s 10-year anniversary into the Grand Ole Opry was to blame for this blessed event as Maddie encouraged both of her parents to put aside their complications with their romance and let Deacon be a part of Rayna’s special night. Rayna was the most open about the idea obviously and called Deacon saying she couldn’t even imagine having the night without him being there to celebrate with her. She’s not wrong, it would have been completely off if Deacon were not there that night, since Deacon has been with her since her Opry induction. Did anyone else notice how perfect Ray’s hair was even back then? Seriously, there is some black magic going on around here. Of course Deacon being Deacon—with a huge dollop of cancer-related anger, sadness, and anxiety—said he just wasn’t sure about the idea, even with Rayna using Maddie and Daphne’s Opry debut as incentive. 

It’s a loving, brilliant move on Rayna’s part to ask her girls to be a part of her 10-year Opry anniversary celebration concert, and can we all agree that it’s about time Ray starts letting her kids get some major spotlight? Because damn y’all, those two are incredible. During the conflict over Maddie’s now null and void contract, the one thing I couldn’t argue Teddy on was that Maddie deserved to have a career. He was just wrong (in my opinion) about the age of when to do it and the exclusion of Daphne. I think what makes these two great is the fact that they perform together and they should absolutely be a package deal. But what do I know? I’m just obsessed with all of their real-life videos. 

While the Rayna/Deacon romantic tension began to slowly swell and later explode in all its glory onstage, Sadie was busy getting ready for a big interview on Good Morning America. But when the segment producer called to confirm what questions Sadie would answer, she didn’t know how to handle the situation with her ex’s lawsuit and settlement. Rayna assured Sadie that if she wanted the topic to be off-limits, then it should be. But when Sadie saw a local news story about a woman who had suffered years of domestic violence, she couldn’t take it anymore. She felt the urge to angrily explain her situation and the environment in which she felt forced to live, and that she would no longer allow him to get away with it. Robin Roberts then echoed what we all wanted to say: Good for you. Though I gotta say, I think a “You go girl!” would have faired even better. Meanwhile, at least 100 feet away from Sadie, Pete was watching his ex’s interview and did not enjoy what he was seeing. Considering how much Sadie’s story line and character are being developed this season and especially in these past few episodes, I have to admit I’m growing more attached to her. And I really don’t want to have to worry for her safety again. Let’s hope we see some justice for Sadie rather than more violence in her life. 

NEXT: Gunnar’s Idea of a Band Name—Biscuits & Honey. Really. [pagebreak]​

Thankfully not everyone had a deep story line in this week’s Nashville, because honestly sometimes this show just wears me the hell out. Gunnar proved he is as terrible at coming up with band names as he is wonderful at coming up with great songs. Highway Cheese is the band name I’ll think back on most fondly as being the worst. Though Whiskey Frogs, Biscuits & Honey, and Fried Green Tomatoes are pretty terrible as well. Avery is being a bit of a grumps since Juliette’s lack of sleep leads to his lack of sleep, so he can’t fully understand why Gunnar is making such a big deal out of their band’s name. Gunnar explodes and reveals that the band is everything to him, it’s the reason he came to Nashville. He understands that Avery and Scarlett have already gotten the chance to perform at major venues but this is his first time and basically he wants everything to go perfectly.

Gunnar and Avery finally settle on a name: The Triple X’s, to which Scarlett replies: “As long as it’s not Two Guys and a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I’m good.” And with that the band should immediately rename themselves. The X’s perform the crap out of their gig as the openers to the openers of Rascal Flatts, and they kill it so much that the band asks them to go on tour with them for their next six tour dates. Considering Scarlett and Dr. Cutie just started dating properly after an awkward first non-date, this should be a fun twist for their relationship. Oh and speaking of Scarlett and Dr. Cutie, Gunnar’s none too pleased to be seeing Scarlett in a new romance. Hey Nashville, do you have another over-promised, under-delivered reunion in the cards for us soon? 

Will is also looking at a new relationship, though not a romantic one at the moment, with his new writing partner/helper Kevin. In the Nashville alternate universe, the openly gay writer has apparently worked with everyone from Blake Shelton and beyond, but Will is originally not too pleased to be paired up with Kevin for fear that he’ll be seen “running around with a swishy gay dude.” His words, not mine! Gunnar then tells him what a great many of us were probably thinking: Fine, don’t write with him if you want to be an idiot. Thankfully Will goes to his meeting with Kevin and at first tries to show how un-gay he is by being obnoxious and uncomfortable around the guy. Kevin, at the moment, doesn’t seem to suspect Will’s real sexual identity, though he’ll probably end up being the one who helps Will realize that coming out of the closet won’t be the worst move for his career and will help him accept himself. But for the time being, Kevin and Will end up bonding over their crappy childhoods and writing a potentially great song together. 

Also Teddy finds out that his prostitute friend is being watched, meaning he’s probably been seen at her house. But let’s wait until that gets really interesting because right now it’s just Teddy continuing to pull a Teddy by making idiotic mistakes that will almost certainly cost him his career and his joint custody. And Layla makes both smart and idiotic choices with regards to Jeff by letting him make a smart decision of releasing her new single on iTunes independently but also sleeping with him constantly despite him being just the worst. JUST the worst. 

Back to the weird, incredible little James/Claybourne family. Deacon accompanies Maddie and Daphne onstage after he shows up at the Opry and tells his favorite girls (all three of them) that he wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Rayna gets choked up during the concert and reaches for Deacon’s hand, later asking him to perform with her onstage after a quick, yet moving speech about Deacon’s impact in her life. The two perform a beautiful ballad together that some people in the audience are totally feeling. Who loved the cut-to that African-American woman in the audience? And who can blame her?

Ray and Deacon were clearly ready to just jump on top of each other onstage, which would have been a hell of a way to commemorate Rayna’s 10-year Opry induction anniversary. Though probably not to Luke, who was in attendance as an olive branch and to allow his son to flirt with Rayna’s daughter some more. Eventually Deacon ran away from all the good time lovin’ until Rayna finally confronted him and he revealed his terrible news. Obviously, Rayna’s going to be there for Deacon in any way she can, but will they tell Maddie? And if so, will Maddie ask to be tested as a liver donor candidate? Is she even old enough to do so? The tension is rising on and hot damn! It’s going to be hell on my blood pressure. Let’s do this Nashville