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'Nashville' recap: 'Somebody Pick Up My Pieces'

Jeff gets knocked down, but he gets back up again. Jerk.

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This week’s episode of Nashville really should have been called “The Constant Rise and Fall of Jeff Fordham,” as Edgehill’s former CEO tried to find a quick and surprisingly clever way to make a comeback in the Nashville music industry, took a giant bullet to the ass, and yet might still have a way back in the game. He’s like a freaking Chumbawumba song. Elsewhere, Rayna gave Bucky a well-deserved promotion, but had a little trouble letting go, and Scarlett is making eyes and time with Deacon’s doctor in a move literally everyone saw coming. More good-looking people = more love stories. Or maybe it just equals more hook-ups? Either way, that’s television for ya.

Is anyone else torn by Jeff Fordham right now? I mean we all know he’s Satan. This has been discussed at length. But his idea to have Luke start a record label is actually a pretty smart move considering he’s now a pariah in the industry for being the catalyst for Edgehill’s dissolution, and he probably has no other skills outside of the music industry other than knowing how to shed his skin every few weeks or so. As soon as he hears the news about his former company, Fordham wallows on Layla’s couch for a while (Did he suddenly become homeless after losing his job?), and then has his record label epiphany while not listening to Layla’s whining. And speaking of this relationship with Layla, the poor girl asks if she’s just part of Jeff’s mid-life crisis. Honestly at this point, I have no idea. She might end up being more than just Jeff’s red, shiny sports car, but she’s also currently the only person stupid enough to actually want to work with him.

Before Rayna hears the Edgehill news, she officially gives Bucky a promotion as head of A&R for Highway 65, a smart move considering Rayna should not be running a bunch of divisions at her label and stretching herself and her hair too thin. No I take that back. That would never happen. That hair is the lord’s work. But after Rayna and Bucky meet with most of Edgehill’s artists, the singer and manager can’t seem to get their ideas in sync, leading Rayna to make some final authoritative decisions by saying no to signing up-and-coming and popular talents, and saying yes to signing Layla, whom Bucky deems a “negative” thanks to a much needed re-branding. In this re-branding, is it at all possible to make Layla a different character completely? Maybe one who isn’t totally obnoxious?

Speaking of re-branding, Juliette is trying to do that for herself in pregnancy. She has a photoshoot with Vogue but doesn’t feel beautiful in anything, and apparently she wants restraining orders against every magazine thanks to some unfortunate mentions. Let’s all make one thing very clear: If Juliette was mentioned in any fashion polls, she wore it best. Finally thanks to some quick words of advice from Avery, Juliette’s Vogue shoot goes extremely well as she shows off some very Demi in Vanity Fair-like photos to her husband who is positively overcome with love. Seriously, are these two not the best couple right now?

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