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Nashville recap: 'Two Sides to Every Story'

Relationships and partnerships end and begin in Wednesday night’s holiday episode of Nashville.

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Nashville Recap
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And just like that, one more singer leaves Nashville for good on Wednesday night’s episode. After breaking up with Gunnar and getting into arguments about their band, Zoey finally packed up and left Music City to find a new life and a new start in Los Angeles, the city where literally everyone is looking for their big break in some way or another. As harsh as it sounds, I say good luck and good riddance to Gunnar’s ex. Zoey was definitely an interesting addition to the show last season but quickly wore out her welcome thanks to the writers not truly delving into her real loss of direction over her music career this season. So what are Avery, Gunnar, and their band, formerly known as ZAG, to do now? Seems like they’ve won themselves quite the consolation prize. But we’ll get to that later.

For now, holiday season is here in Nashville and everyone is getting ready in different ways. Over at Rayna’s, the girls and Luke have come together to film their own little Christmas reality special for charity “just like Johnny and June Carter Cash!” Luke brags to Rayna. The girls aren’t especially pumped about the family’s holiday plans—apparently they’re going to Australia; and all the girls want to do is bake cookies at home with their mom. It’s a sweet idea, and I understand the sentiment of not wanting their entire lives to have to change thanks to their mother’s wedding, but spending the holidays in Australia is just too cool to pass up.

Rayna gets her hands on an advanced copy of the Rolling Stone article she did a few episodes back, and she is not happy. She’s worried about the way they’ve twisted her words around about Deacon, and she’s got every reason to feel this way as Deacon later tells Scarlett that he’s “about 10 different kinds of pissed” that Rayna said things like she didn’t know why Deacon hadn’t moved on yet. While Rayna furiously tries to call Deacon to explain why she did the interview, he refuses to answer the phone and on the sidelines Luke is getting annoyed. Why can’t Rayna just let it go, he asks her. And despite her saying she’s moved on from Deacon and loves Luke and is going to marry him soon, we all know why she’s freaking out so much: There’s still a part of her that will always love Deacon, the way that he will always love her. His feelings are just more vocal and forthright.

Rayna finally gets a chance to confront Deacon about the article and explain that her reason for doing it was so that Maddie and Colt’s little… uncomfortable intimacy wouldn’t get broadcast all over the world and scrutinized. And Deacon gets Rayna wanting to save their daughter from humiliation, but he’s understandably angry and believes Rayna’s new lifestyle is just not what he expected from her. “I don’t know how you’re living your life this way,” he tells her as he walks out the door. Luke and Rayna get in another small tiff about her continued obsession with the article, and she decides to go over to Deacon’s and solve this tension once and for all. It happens to be a bad move for the country star as Deacon reveals Rayna was right to say what she said in the article, Deacon hasn’t moved on and never will because he will always love Rayna, and he tells her she needs to accept that. Rayna says she’s happy the article came out so she could finally tell him that she’s getting married, and Deacon needs to get over her. But there’s no sense of finality in the scene. How could there be between these two?

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