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Is it just me, or do moms in Nashville suck? Like, really suck. And at least Juliette’s mom appeared to care about her daughter at times. So far, Mama O’Connor is one vengeful, angry, scary chick. She’s also Angela Collette from Friday Night Lights, where she was almost as crazy, less scary, and a lot funnier. But that’s beside the point. Let’s get into this episode, shall we?

We kicked things off with a mixture of Deacon trying to find a bottle of booze and succeeding, but we cut away before we saw the outcome of said reunion. Elsewhere, Luke was apologizing to Rayna about how he reacted to the whole Deacon-is-Maddie’s-biological-father situation. He admitted that Deacon had always been a sore spot with him, ever since that one time Luke and Rayna got stuck on a Ferris wheel together. Deacon had been M.I.A. during one of Rayna’s shows, so Luke had stepped in, and afterward, Rayna was torn up about it. So poor Luke had thought that perhaps that was the night she’d finally see him. But sadly for him, when they got stuck on the Ferris wheel together after the show, all Rayna could talk about was Deacon. I’ll admit that it was a cute story that made me like Luke more, but I couldn’t help but scream, “Because she loved Deacon!” at the TV. And when Rayna made a comment about how it was “back then,” well, you all can probably figure out what I screamed. (Hint: It involved the word “still.”)

But Rayna had bigger problems: Maddie Claybourne’s video had made its way back onto the Internet, and even the women of The View were discussing the “who’s her daddy?” dilemma. Rayna, after almost kicking some photographer ass, decided her only option was to tell the whole story to the world. But in order to do that, she’d need to find Deacon. Luke went with her — he made up something about feeling guilty if his son had been the one who leaked the video — and they headed up to Deacon’s hideaway drinking house.

There was an empty bottle of whiskey out front, but we could all tell Deacon wasn’t drunk. Well, I could. Rayna was a little flustered, and Luke was too busy trying to protect his woman and whatnot. But once Luke stepped outside, Rayna got the real story. Or at least she got enough of it. Deacon hadn’t run away because of the Maddie situation. He actually didn’t even know about the Maddie situation. He left town because of something having to do with Megan. What exactly? Rayna didn’t know. But when Deacon claimed he wasn’t ready to face the press together if it meant being in the same room as Teddy, Rayna took the argument to her ex-husband.

Sidenote: Somebody really needs to get Deacon an “I woke up like this” shirt because yum.

Back in town, Rayna took the fight to Teddy, who admitted to sleeping with Megan before screaming some more about how he is Maddie’s father. He said he felt that with every guitar lesson Maddie took with Deacon, he was being asked to step aside as a parent, and he was never going to. It was a convincing speech until his final line about how he’s not going to lose Maddie … “not to him.” Okay, so will you lose her to someone else? Is this actually all about Deacon for you, Teddy? Because the one thing I always enjoyed about you is that I felt you were a good dad. Well that, and you’re hot.

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