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Nashville season finale recap: On the Other Hand

Juliette pleads her case with Avery, and Rayna has a very big (sparkly) decision to make

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Thank you, Nashville! Thank you for not going too far with this finale. Thank you for bringing the focus back to the relationships on this show. And thank you, perhaps most of all, for that long overdue Gunnar-Scarlett duet. I don’t know about y’all, but I enjoyed this finale. Were there moments that I laughed at? Of course. This is Nashville, after all. But there were also moments that were supposed to be funny, and other moments that made me cry. This show is strongest when it focuses on character interaction, so consider me a happy camper. Let’s get to it!

In Rayna’s world, everything was about her album launch and how she was going to beat Jeff Fordham (and therefore, poor Will). And that meant calling in a few favors with Teddy — it pays to have an ex in high places! — and some guy named Sam Boone. Long story short: Fordham stole her GMA appearance from her, so she stole his deal for 200,000 downloads. Oh, and she set up a last-minute concert to knock Jeff down once and for all.

But when she wasn’t worrying about the album, her mind was on family. First, Maddie gave both Deacon and Rayna a framed photo of their little family performance from last week, and then Deacon returned the favor with a guitar for Maddie, which Rayna picked up at his house. But really, she just wanted to stop by Deacon’s place to ask his advice about screwing over Jeff Fordham. The bottom line was that Deacon told her to do what she needed to do. She wouldn’t ever find judgment coming from him.

Speaking of judgment, Juliette was still right in the middle of her gross affair aftermath. Jeff was leaving voicemail after voicemail trying to get Avery to chat about his “future,” and Juliette was just about out of cards to play. She tried to get Rayna to fire her, but Rayna was not having it. And as a result, Juliette pulled her second most questionable move as of late: She showed up hammered to Deacon’s benefit for an alcohol recovery center. And yes, I’m serious. Thankfully, Deacon stopped her before she made a public fool of herself, but Rayna followed her home.

In what might be one of my favorite Rayna-Juliette scenes, Rayna held Juliette’s hair back as she vomited — Finally! She has the right reaction to sleeping with Jeff! — and then the two sat on the bathroom floor and discussed options. The way Rayna saw it, Juliette had to tell Avery before Jeff could. And then she had to get up on stage and perform at Rayna’s album launch concert. Juliette agreed. The only problem was that after Juliette didn’t show to hear the song Avery had written for her, Zoey and Gunnar finally spilled the beans about Juliette and Jeff’s disgusting rendezvous.

We’ll get back to that after we touch on the least exciting couple of the show: Will and Layla. Will was stressed out over the release of his album, which, thanks to Rayna, went horribly. And after seeing how much he was hurting Layla by not being a good husband, he finally pulled her into the bedroom — where he thought there weren’t any cameras — and told her that he was gay. It was such a breakthrough moment for Will that I wanted to cheer, but knowing that there was a camera on him, I couldn’t do anything but cringe. Also, since when do hot trainers FaceTime with clients?

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