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Nashville recap: Kelly Clarkson'll Keep Climbing

Scarlett foolishly ruins a chance to work with guest star Kelly Clarkson and Gunnar; Deacon and Rayna find themselves under pressure to write

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Nashville Kelly Clarkson


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And the dead character is…. PEGGY. “She was nice,” Maddie concedes to a grieving Teddy. LOL. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It looks like we won’t see much of Teddy in the near future — he suspects Peggy’s killer (who was really after him) wasn’t working alone, and wants to protect his daughters.

As for Will — the other character who might have died in December’s cliffhanger midseason finale — he’s camping in the mountains, getting more in touch with how much he hates his gay self. Gunnar heads out there to visit and the opening score from Brokeback Mountain swells in the background… No. I wish. (No I don’t.) Wlll confides in his indoor/outdoor rookie that he did want to kill himself and for a moment saw pure relief in the bright white light of the train headed his way. Cheers to Chris Carmack for great acting here, and Gunnar for some tough love: He throws Will down and yells “Don’t pull crap like this, you hear me? I am your friend!” That was awesome!

Not awesome: Will returns to the tour, has a sheepish avoiding-reality convo with fake girlfriend Layla, then the same leave-me-alone interaction with Brent he always has. “Nothing’s gonna be fine with us ever again,” he seethes. What next for Will? Those demons will not party well within the confined space of a bus.

I can’t even deal with Scarlett, who turned down the opportunity for her and Gunnar to write more stuff for severely underused but always lovable guest star Kelly Clarkson because of her stupid, stupid, stupid beef with Gunnar and Zoey. Can she not?! A talented, famous rich person wants you to “hole up for a few days” and crank out some material, you do it, no questions asked. Can you imagine the snacks? I’d probably pay to take a fun retreat like that. You’d think Scarlett would be all over this due to her love of sock-slippers and blankets. Plus, Scarlett’s tantrum also killed the symphony of sexual tension and all that is good in the world that had been going on during her “Fade Into You” duet with Gunnar. Agghh! She’s the worst.

Hey, Scarlett:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.44.36 PM

Get it together.

Blown away by Scarlett’s childish idiocy, Gunnar returns home to Zoey. “I love you,” says Zoey. And what could he say? (Say no! Because you don’t love her, obviously.) “I love you too,” he monotones.

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